Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lil Kim vs Queen Nicki Minaj

For those who have heard the awesomeness that is Roman's Revenge, the song may or may not be directed at Lil Kim. So in all is fair in war the plastic one Lil Kim decided to release her own diss track and I had a laugh listening to the song as it was absolutely meaningless song, compared to Roman's Revenge that song is a huge insult to Lil Kim herself and not to Nicki Minaj. Black Friday indeed even my three year old nephew could come up with better.

Daily Miss Minaj

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lanvin for H&M

The Fashion world has been buzzing about the Lanvin for H&M collection. I just saw some pictures and I must say Alber Ebaz is probably the most talented man I can think of right now. That old mama in the video had me laughimng especially the OMG part

Who wore it Better

Last month I posted some pictures of Kim Kardashian in Iris Van Herpen shoes as well as Solange Knowles in the ivory version of the $1, 300 shoes. Recently Keyshia Cole wore the ivory pair of the shoes to 106& park. The styling for each of the women is different but as usual my eyes are drawn to Kim Kardashian

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Don't call Nigeria Naija Abegi!!!!!!!!

Abeg Dora Akunyuli needs to pack her BRT of ideas in another country that needs her to inspire them. Abeg what is the big deal some people like wahala, saying it is catching up with young people and they will forget the name of the country. PERMIT ME TO SAY THIS only a fool with little insight too life would write i come from Naija and not Nigeria. Please cut us some slack jare and increase your own name to Dorothy not Dora

The Return Of Jenifa

Yelz! I am looking forward to the release of this film more than anything and if you are groaning about it there is something we like to call a bridge you can plix fling yourself of it. I love me some Suliat gbo gbo Ayetoro. So This is a definite watch for me.

Mean Girls 2: Why is this Happening

Im screaming at my laptop at the sacrilege being done to a cult classic. I mean this is just utter utter rubbish in my opinion, haba Lindsay Lohan would be crying in whatever rehab clinic she is in at the disgrace being done to the only good movie she has ever done in her career. I will not be watching this rubbish at all.