Saturday, June 25, 2011


This country has finished if they can do this in MBGN what can't they do. I left the comfort of my bed to watch MBGN and alli could do was shake my head, the show was poorly produced, the MC was practically begging people to clap then travesty upon travesty kept occurring. They picked Susan Peters to judge, why? were Genevieve, Omotola, Stephanie, Ini absent from the country they had to pick this woman that i saw on TV smoke and crap at the same time I mean COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Let's get to the winner They asked this girl what being MGBN means to her and she said PROISE not POISE PROISE is that the answer to the question Ben Murray Bruce and co they picked her over Miss Ebonyi who can speak perfect English or Miss Adamawa who has questionable dentition but has poise not proise or even Misss Bayelsa that was obviously a fan favourite. Then the winner Miss Taraba had the balls to air kiss Ben Murray Bruce and he whispered into her ear BOOM !!! BABY!!!!! BOOM !!!!!. I give up on this country I swear

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is it ever okay to date your Best Friend’s ex

Is it ever okay to date your Best Friend’s ex

I don’t care whether your friend broke up with this person one week ago or five years ago, the person is your best friends ex, it is never ever okay to do that and for those people who do it and think it’s okay y’all be trifling I strongly believe in the mantra bros over hos and I . Some people will be saying it is so hard to find someone to connect with. When you’re single, it seems like everyone else isn’t. As you get into your late 20’s and early 30’s, most of your friends get married and those who aren’t have long standing relationships. Holidays like Valentine’s Day come and go and yet you still have nobody special in your life all that is some bogus ass bull crap. There are over a million men/women why do you have to carry your trifling self to your friends ex.

I don’t mean to sound jaded but if my friend walked up to me and said “yo dude errr I need to0 tell you something I’m dating Miss so and so and I know you guys used to date I just wanted you to know before anyone else told you” when people say this to you they just expect you to smile and be like all perky and say “oh it’s all good I have no qualms” but I’m sorry I for one will tell you like it is, it is wrong and you ought to be smacked for even suggesting it. I think it’s downright disgusting to even consider sleeping with your friends ex let alone going ahead with it. If you like say my wahala is too much that one is your business it is guilty conscience that is doing you, it is just wrong . First of all they have been intimate and there is no way on God’s green earth he/she wouldn’t compare u two even if unintentionally. Secondly, your friendship will certainly suffer because every time he/she steps into the room your mood will most definitely become sour, if you like be claiming Mother Theresa a part of you will feel a pang of point? Just don’t do it. If u do, you need to be Bitch slapped with a paddle

It is even worse when your so called friend chooses not to tell and then you are at the movies with your friends and they walk in together *cue ghen ghen music* and you are trying your best to mask your anger and he/she says oh! You guys know each other right and that bad belle friend with the hood rat voice says oh helllllllllllllllll nooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then you know something is wrong.

If you do decide to go on this Jezebel like path honesty is always the best policy, and having the balls to confront this situation shows respect for your friendship. I am not saying you should ask permission to date him, but rather give her the opportunity to hear about your plans of doing so, from YOU!! Because if she does hear it from some other tatafo that has been planning your downfall since your own has finished because they will make you out to be some trifling back stabber with a vay jay jay that is always begging to be scratched so I stress the fact that you have to tell before crossing that path. Some friends might pretend to be non chalant but a good friend will mask her pain and be mature (I know I won’t *gets Vaseline and blade) but some petty people example me will thros a hissy fit especially if thet are single, so if you have petty friends like me please o!!!! be careful before someone will push you off a bridge

. There are way too many single people out there for you to be to lapping over your friend’s sloppy seconds and leftovers.

What are your thoughts????? Would you dabble in your friends old honey pot or keep to yourself while conjy continually hooks you over that fine girl/boy. Let me know your thoughts

Stay trifling xoxo Mr Chatter.

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Zoe Saldana for Bazaar Russia

Versace for H&M

This morning H&M announced that its Autumn 2011 designer collaboration will be with one of the world’s most legendary fashion brands, Versace.

Designed by its creative director Donatella Versace, the exclusive collection will look back to the vibrant heritage of the brand, full of leather, prints, colour and exuberance in exclusive materials at fantastic H&M prices.

The collection will include ranges for women, men and selected pieces for the home.

Mark 17th November in your diaries, as that’s the date the collection will go on sale in around 300 stores worldwide, as well as on-line.

Donatella Versace will also design a pre-spring collection for H&M which will be exclusively available in countries with H&M on-line sales from 19th January.

Versace follows the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Comme des Garçons, Jimmy Choo and, most recently Lanvin who have all collaborated with H&M.

How excited are you about this collaboration?

Donatella is clearly very excited about this collaboration, because she wore a Versace for H&M dress yesterday as she took her bow after her Spring 2012 menswear show.

Another Beyonce Feature

There is no stopping the force that is Beyonce she is everywere and chile some bubble heads are knocking her shine she is just blowing up day by day. She is featured in this month's time magazine

MGBN our favourites

People have been making fun of these girls non stop but in the whole bunch we have a few girls that we think should be in the Top 10 based on beauty,poise and they can simply speak English without making want to strangle a baby sheep. Then I saw this video of them doing a fashion show and i was just laughin when that former MBGN 2010 was saying she wants to hear them speak I was like with your dake LV jumpsuit won't you rest you are waiting to hear someone talk when you sound like you were sniffing expired igbo crystal meth nonesense Fionna indeed better confess your real name.

New Music : Beyonce Schoolin Life

The song dedicated to those 20-somethings, 30- somethings, 40-somethings, pretty-somethings and sexy-somethings was written by The Dream and has an old 80′s funk feel reminiscent of Prince. It will be one of the three songs that will be added to the Deluxe albu

Schoolin' Life - Beyoncé by HDMI44

New Music: Drake Trust Issues

Drake slows down DJ Khaled’s “I’m on One” on “Trust Issues,” another new song released as a free download via his blog. Young Money’s own sings and raps on the Noah “40″ Shebib and Adrian X production. “Did my own little thing using some other thing I did,” explained Drizzy. “‘Trust Issues’ is just a fun thing I did while writing on one…not on Take Care.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Christina Aguilera forW magazine


Daily WTF

I CANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cover Wars: Beyonce on the cover of Cleo

This woman is not smiling o!!!! She is everywere all of a sudden her reign will definitely not let up. This is the year of Queen B

New Video: Weird Al Parody of Born This Way

Above is Weird Al's "Born This Way" parody video that Lady Gaga's people originally refused to allow now it has finally hit and all i can come up eith is WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Travesty that is MGBN

Nwabeke, Nwatorocha and pink flamingos every were in this video, I refused to blog about this video until I watched Miss Jigawa prophecied her love for us and begged us to reciprocate.

Lara Stone: Tom Ford Beauty autumn / winter 2011 / '12 campaign

smolders in the fall beauty campaign from Tom Ford. Posing alongside the designer, Lara’s one of a kind beauty truly shines for Mert & Marcus’ lens with dramatic eyes and ruby red lips

Versace Fall 2011 Campaign Preview

Donatella or whoever is responsible for this has to be given a pat on the back its absolutely amazing i love the gold accessories. that bag is the bizness

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 Campaign Preview

With campaign season in full swing, Dolce & Gabbana unveiled a preview of its fall 2011 advertisements starring Isabeli Fontana, Liu Wen, Maryna Linchuk, Constance Jablonski, Jac Jagaciak and Kate King photographed by Steven Klein. Keeping true to the runway show’s play of the masculine and the feminine, the gang is full of attitude in the group shots.

Eva Mendes' is Thierry Mugler's new angel

A few months ago, Eva Mendes was announced as the new face for Thierry Mugler Angel. And now, we're getting a first look at her new ads for the oriental gourmand fragrance. In the one above, Eva wears sexy waves and a Disney princess-like gown, all while cupping a glowing version of the bottle in her hands. In the second ad Eva sports a formfitting outfit and sprouts "angel" wings in the form of beams of light diffusing out from behind her

FIRST LOOK: Beyoncé’s Pulse Fragrance Ad

Trying to escape Beyonce this month is damn near impossible because she's everywhere! Girl is working it like the rent is due tomorrow. This album must sell o!!! with magazine covers coming out by the day I wasn't even expecting this.
he seductive scent — a follow-up to the singer’s perfumes Heat and Heat Rush — features notes of pear blossom, peony, midnight blooming jasmine, Madagascar vanilla and for the first time in a fragrance, bluebird orchid.The fragrance comes in an upside-down chrome-and-blue bottle, neatly tucked into a holographic carton. The bottle’s topper, a chrome cap, was inspired by her stage costumes.Beyonce picked Lionel Gasperini to shoot the print campaign and Single Ladies music video director Jake Nava for the commercial.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Simpson's go high fashion

New Music: Melody Thorton Sweet Vendetta

Melody Thornton makes her solo debut with “Sweet Vendetta,” a brand new song released via iTunes. Since splitting from the Pussycat Dolls, the 26-year-old songbird has been working on her own material, and gives fans a taste with the retro-sounding record that showcases her big voice.

“Just like a wild horse my love is strong/ I’ll be willing to fight for that love and carry on,” sings the soldier of love, who’s currently taping “Popstar to Operastar” in London.

Sample Mel’s sweet surprise below.

Another Bomb Blast rocks Abuja

As far I am concerned nobody is safe again if the Police Headquarters could be attacked who can be safe again in this country *grsbs passport*

New Music: Lil Mama ft Snoop Dogg

All I have to say about this *coughs* #okbye

Lagos gets flooded

The rain hit Lagos pretty bad today and everywere was like an Olympic swimming pool and as usual some Jokers came out to play

New Video: Lady GaGa Edge of Glory

Here's Lady Gaga and Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band n her new video for "Edge of Glory," which is completely free of bible pirates, skin aliens and all other kinds of theatrical fuckery. The video features fashion from Gianni Versace's last collection.