Monday, October 15, 2012


I was doing my best to study last night and some wretch i call afriend sent me this video  and when I watched it this was my reaction

my next reaction was
The Lady in the video you are about to see got handed the uppercut of life I mean she goy=t handed a TEKKEN approved K.O

Rihanna for Vogue US November 2012

Homegirl has bagged herself a seond US Vogue cover which is a big thing for a black girl. The shoot was done by Anne Leibovitz

Solange Knowles Elle South Africa November 2012

Oprah Winfrey by Terry Richardson for Bazaar US Nov 2012

Iggy Azalea by Matt Irwin for House of Holland Eyewear

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Tyra Banks’s New Show

Tyra Banks is bringing another model-themed show to television. ABC has picked up her script for Fivehead, titled for Bank’s high school nickname when students made fun of her large forehead. The show will chronicle Banks’s, “long journey from awkward teen to one of the world’s most recognizable supermodels.
  I wish Tyra would just go away. She's like an annoying relative that laughs at her own jokes and overstays her welcome which I feel Tyra has done, I used to be a big fan but now I just feel shes a gimmick Don't get me wrong 2012  seems to be the year of the gimmick if you aint got one you aint winning but Tyra is sooooooo annoying with her look at me I have a huge forehead personality how long is she going to play this out.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Album cover:Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up

This my dear is an insult. Im a big Nicki fan but how dare she take a screen cap from her video and make it an album cover if the hair was so laid why didnt she just do a photo shoot seperately and put out something people would appreciate. This is annoying beyond words.

Album Cover: Rihanna Unapologetic

  Today, she revealed the official cover for her new LP, which is appropriately titled, Unapologetic.

In the graphic, she poses topless with a dark lip, while words like, ‘Love’, ‘Chalice’, ‘Happy’, ‘Fearless’ and ‘Faith’  are scribbled across her body.  Meanwhile, if all goes as planned, the album is scheduled to hit stores on November 19th, with the lead single, ‘Diamonds’ already sitting pretty at #1 on Billboards R&B/Hip Hop charts.
There really isnt anything amazing about this cover. Rihanna half naked isnt ground breaking in any world I find the cover rather annoying so meh!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2,500 pound Prada Perfume

First launched in 2011, in a rather more modestly-proportioned bottle, the fragrance features accents of white musk, caramel and benzoin. Set to launch in Selfridges as an exclusive, the supersized version is presented in a pink leather case and bears the same bold packaging as its smaller counterpart.
My dear friends 2500!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for perfume This world is coming to an end o!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean if i spray it will greatness come  my way. Will people finally spell Karrueche's name properly when I spray it, Will I loose weight. Please I need answers

Always Doing the most with the Very Least

I'm part of the Not many fucks to give Movement I mean I spent 95 percent of my life trying to impress my parents, teachers, uncles and the fucked up cool kids I went to High school with, so know when i see anything I just side eye the issue, roll my eyes and move on. But since I came to this Aberdeen for my Msc I have rolled my eyes so much i feel I might go blind very soon. The people here especially the Nigerians are Champions of doing the most with the very least. I mean at our first induction or whatever it was called I mean i was too bored to even pay attention to what the overly happy oyibo woman called the program and BOOM!!!! a Nigerian just popped into class with a jacket that looked like the body of that michelin logo person and it was covered in fur I was like -_-  I thought i was shocked then a lady walked in in with the worst accent known to man I mean when she opened her mouth o_____________o WTF am I a nollywood movie. Let me even digress when i was strolling yesterday someone just walked up to me and said hello are you a Nigerian, you must be a Nigerian what tribe are you, what street do you live on? I'm all for making friends with my fellow Nigerians but for the LOVE of all things pure Let this orobo breath. The stories I have are way to many for me to even put down

New Video: Tiwa Savage Ife Wa Gbona ft Leo Wonder

First Lady of Mavin Tiwa Savage just released the video for her track Ife Wa Gbona. The video is probably if i'm not mistaken her best video ever. The styling by Yoland Okwesa was amazing. It was Directed by Bolaji Kekere-Ekun of 37th State. get into the video below.

Fragrance Ad: Nude by RIhanna