Thursday, July 15, 2010

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Yesterday I was dozing and my messenger kept zinging in my ear apparently the twitter board almost crashed bcos someone but a picture of a Nigerian celebrity nude online

Shoe Fetish: Ruthie Davis 2010 Collection

Wall flower is definitely not a name a name anybody would use to describe anyone wearing a Ruthie Davis Shoe. Her shoes always reach the point of madness and stay within the sanity. The Angelina Shoe is definitely one of our faves. Look through and head on to COCOPEREZ for a pic of Beyonce wearing it for an editorial.

Nicki Minaj

I tout her as one of the best discoveries of the century. The girl knows how to work and have fun and that's definitely important in her line of work. Her style of delivery, her antics and get ups definitely have people wondering what she is up to. Her debut album hasn't hit yet but the buzz for it is amazing with one video, two singles and a bunch of collabo's out there's no stopping Nm Minaj as 2010 is definitely her year.

Music Minute: Drake Thank Me later

In what was penned as one of the most anticipated albums of 2010 Drake's Thank me Later does not disappoint wit themes on fame ,self examination and fame its no wonder he is billed as the next Kanye of Jigga.
The album was produced by predominantly by longtime collaborators Boi-1da andNoah "40" Shebib and featured contributions by the proud one himself Kanye, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland.
With the composiyion of the album being compare to 8080 and Heartbraks it'sno wonder it sold 447,000 copies in it's first week.
My favourite track is No.6 Up all Night featuring Nicki Minaj the playful hooks and the way Drizzy mixes his singing with rapping definitely makes the song must listen then Nicki Minaj cleans it up with lines like Rich Bitch you know made a million of a mixtape that's just a keepsake.
the album is a must listen for any true fan of rap and R&B.

TV Land: 90210

With every interesting show being canceled it's a wonder the remake of the popular 90's hit show is still going strong maybe it's their use of cliffhangers or the major eye candy they keep casting too keep the show interesting, well unlike the other remake Melrose Place which had the worst acting in TV history but a good storyline 90210 has pretty good actors except Anna Lyn Mccord whose endless pouting can induce three month pregnancy but the definite scene stealer is Jessica Lowndes who play Adrianna a drugged out Child Star and in some scenes Jessica Stroup who plays Bi-Polar Silver. the show is definitely a good on but do i see longevity in it? HELL NO!! I give it one more season even after their gay unveiling fades out the show will dwindle like that crapfest that is Gossip Girl

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Daily Questions I ask myself

Who me Yes You It couldn't be then who? I was on my own trying to drum p inspiration for my short stories and a screenplay some people begged me to work on with them ( I hope it sees the light of day) when one babe passes by oozing of what my friend Ayo calls Omi to run (Water wen dey smell) she wriggles her ass in her knock off jeans and even worse hand bag and says to me Oga how far na Why you dey sidon for outside like this: I look at her and answer in my must snobbish voice" None of your concern now bugger off" Ha she cries which kin english you dey speak she says to me, you beva jam abi you think say na only your mama fit born you for whitw man freezer abi, me sef I go spread leg born for there no be to fuck abeg commot YEYE Ajebutta. She hisses and continues her wriggling and saunters to assault some other erstwhile customer.

Goldie: Has Something Changed

I remember watching a video once with some girl singing If I dance I go worry dem, thinking to myself who is this one again, the video went on for some time and I was a little bit impressed.
Then I saw the You Know it video courtesy Timi who kept screaming morning and night about how amazing the video was and then I watched and i thought HABA this girl hot gon!!!!!!! the song is definitely impressive and as usual ElDee doesn't disappoint in his delivery. The only Qualms I have with the video was that Vixen girl she looked good and all hair was all fly and she had her character down to a tilt but then I came to her face and thut what the hell happened here. I don't mean to be mean but seriously they should have switched her for Makida Moka who was in the video as well. Anyway I love the video and hope y'all vote for at whatever she gets nominated for.

Louis Vuitton 2010 Fall Coll

Not too long ago I showed you the behind the scenes video for the Louis Vuitton Fall Campaign. I just got some pictures and in it features Three Generations of Models and Three Different hair colors all dressed and coiffed in a Betty Draper-ish ensembles in the campaign and employed the use of curvaceous models on the runway . If I must say the clothes look amazing and it must have been a breeze working on this collection as Marc Jacobs looked so calm talking about the collection. If you are a breast man you will definitely have a temperature high when you see a lady in the clothes as the collection draws one's eyes from legs or the usual parts designers pay attention to and focused on the bust.
The collection was a true ode to the Mad Med era with the bouncy Stepford wife ponytails to the very fresh make up to its wasp waists and circle skirts. The collection as always is directed to the sophisticated woman and is not for everyone.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Behind the Scenes at the Louis Vuitton 2010 Fall campaign

This is a behind the scenes look at the 2010 Louis Vuitton fall campaign by Marc Jacobs. It features Red head Karen Elson, Natalia Viodavana and Christy Turlington

Naija Hits 50:Amusical Journey

The race is on to see who has recorded the best song since independence. Who do you thinl would win.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Love The Way you Lie

This is not a post about the song by Eminem and Rihanna, It's a personal post. In the past year I have been in two relationships very funny ones at that. I ended the first one and started the next one and second person is amazing, dunno if it's gonna last as we hardly ever see each other and I always fuck up relationships one way or the other but in my case I can't say I love you to any one without laughing after I say it so.................... I'm at a loss say I Love you and get laughed at or wait for the person to fuck up once more and get heart broken one more time

My Dilemma with the daft twarts known as the Nigerian Police

Hey you park for there? Oga commot or car we wan search you the policeman says to me. I come down from my cab only to be ruff handled by the smelling human being and then my box is emptied on the streets of Lagos all in the name of looking for yahoo boys. The next thing I know the idiot is reading my text messages to check for the fraudulent emails and mssgs i have been sending to his people at home. Then he had the effontry to ask for the receipt or as he called it the paper wey they take buy your table computer" I grit my teeth in frustration and say I dont have one and he laughs and shines his decaying teeth at me and says how I sure u no steal am I give him a sarcastic look and then he says to me Oga sort me 1000 Naira I no go report you...............

The African Fashion Show

Deola Sagoe, David Tlale and Ituen Basi all showed their collections at the Africa fashion Show in Sandton with names for their collections like Vintage, African Emperor Butterfly and A revamp of Old and New Retro who wouldn't want to watch the models sashay down the runway in divine gowns. Here is a run up of some of the creations head on to Bella Naija for the full story.

The new Wonder Woman

I just saw this picture by artist Don Kramer's new Illustration of Wonder Woman and I dunno what to make of it either she has had som e major work done on her lady parts o she hit puberty late.

Kim K gets waxed at Madamme Tussauds

Kim Kardashian attended the unveiling of her wax figure at the Madam Tussauds in NYC and if you look they are both wearing the same outfit.