Friday, April 30, 2010

Sighted: Rihanna on The Set of her new Video Te Amo

Y is she making a video for that song anyway i was rooting for Stupid in Love, G4L or Rockstar 101. That's just me though can't wait to see all that black liner and crotch grabbing she will be doing in the video

Lady Gaga by Cyndi Lauper by Taylor and Timi

Lady Gaga Has topped the list as one the most Influential People in the world and it was Cyni Lauper that wrote the interview and this is what she has to say of Madam GAGA
I first heard the name Lady Gaga through a mutual friend. He couldn't stop talking about her. Then I heard her music, and I thought, Wow, I love this kid.

An artist's job is to take a snapshot — be it through words or sound, lyrics or song — that explains what it's like to be alive at that time. Lady Gaga's art captures the period we're in right now. These days, you go to a club and wonder who all these kids are. They don't seem to have jobs. How can they afford to be here? Her song "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" explains that scene. It's about the New York prep-school party kids she grew up with. It's where she came from. Gaga's lyrics are incredibly literary. When "Bad Romance" starts, the music grabs your ear immediately. Then she opens with the line "I want your ugly/ I want your disease," and all of a sudden you're listening. Most of the stuff on the radio is not very clever, but Gaga presents her ideas in a sophisticated manner. She has an incredible pop sensibility.

People forget how young she is. She is barely 24 — much younger than I was when I became famous. It's very tough being where she is right now. People are pulling her in all different directions. It's hard to navigate that. Try to imagine what you were like at her age, if you still can. I can't wait to see how she grows and what she decides her next act will be. She only has two albums out, but already she is inspiring other artists to go further in their own work.

When I see somebody like Gaga, I sit back in admiration. I'm inspired to pick up the torch again myself. I did an interview with her once, and she showed up with a sculpture on her head. I thought, How awesome. Being around her, I felt like the dust was shaken off of me. I find it very comforting to sit next to somebody and not have to worry that I look like the freak. She isn't a pop act, she is a performance artist. She herself is the art. She is the sculpture.

Culled from time Magazine
Images by Marco Grob for TIME

Not myself tonight My Ass

I need to be practical and a little biased when commenting about this video I am Pro Xtina and Pro GAGA so Ill support Xtina and later diss her.
not myself tonight video – Everything about this video is sharp, cutting and vibrant–the lighting, the colors, the dancing, etc. Actually, I don’t know that Aguilera’s dancing has ever been more on point than in this moment. If it has, we certainly haven’t seen it that strong since the Dirrty days.
Not Myself Tonight the latest Single from former Dirrty Singer/Baby Jane Christina Aguilera off her upcoming new album Bionic video was released last night on Vevo and as usual we in Nigeria can’t watch it because of some silly copyright infringement anyway the video was apparently set to be a comeback video for the former teen darling but it is nothing of such. People have been commenting for a long time on the similarities between Lady Gaga and Xtina and no matter how Xtina tries to snub the idea it is obvious she stole all of the scenes from Bad Romance and put it in her song from the Carrera glasses to the lingerie dancing to the fire in the back and the eye gesture it al screams GAGA. I got a picture from La Perrezers (Perez Hilton) so look and feel free to comment
Though Some pple say it is more of a homeage to Madonna than to Gaga centering on the Bad Girl days of Madonna
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Before there was a Naomi

Before There was a Naomi Campbell or a Tyra Banks or even toddler Chanel Iman, there was a Naomi Simms, Donyale Luna, Patt Cleveland, Beverly Johnson, Karen Robinson, Veronica Webb and Grace Jones.
Before Naomi even fell on the runway these runway divas were the colored models that ruled the runway they were the ones that really made black models what they are today. Donyale was the very first black model to ever be featured on any Vogue Cover meaning before Beverly Johnson’s American Vogue cover, her cover was on in March 1966 legendary isn’t it, though Donyale is known for a Divesque behaviors on set and never really wanting to be categorized as a colored model but just a model (who needs labels right) she died early on in her career from an accidental drug overdose. Naomi Simms was on the cover of Life which was apparently big for models at that time, Beverly Johnson too was the first black Woman to be on the cover of American Vogue and before Grace Jones became a sexual wildcat writhing on the floor in scary outfits and dissing Lady GaGa she was a model apparently her distinct features and statuesque frame attracted model agents and bookers.

Monday, April 26, 2010

................................................................Best Break up notes


I have been trying to expand myself since so I started an Online PR Firm were unsigned artists that need help with publicity contact me via email and then help them for a little fare so far I have 3 people on my client list very posh not the razz kind you want to smack when they open their mouth. Also I am representing some models who approached me that they need representation also I am doing some styling for a fashion show. Next Month I will finish designing my Tantrum Collection by Anarchy. So Watch out for it

My Playlist

Throughout the weekend I have been listening to the Celebrity Playlist Podcast on ITUNES so i decided to list my favorite songs of all time.
I love jazz a lot which is kind of weird since nobody i know is into jazz I love Nina Simone's Sinnerman and I put a spell on you but the person that introduced me into the whole jazz thing was Amy Winehouse that was when i heard her album Frank and then I listened to the Back to Black album the album made me go back and listen to the all time Jazz and soul musicians. I also like Robin Thicke's Rollacoasta with Estelle and also Shakin it for Daddy with Nicki Minaj, speaking of Nicki Minaj i love all the collaborations she has been doing especially the My Chick Bad song with Ludacris.
I like Lady Gaga too much especially Dance in the Dark from The Fame Monster and Money Honey in The Fame.
I love Grace Jones everytime I listen to her it's like she is talking to me the song of hers on my playlist is Pull up to the Bumper. recently i have been getting into Nigerian Music I am totally into L'ami she is probably one of the strongest musicians I have heard and her lyrics are insane Her song Ere Ife is on my playlist, also Waje's Kolo is another song on my play list.Usher new album Raymond vs Raymond is on my playlist and I cannot decide which song i prefer but they are all amazing.
There are too many other songs

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alexander McQueen 2010 Shoe Collection

I just saw Alexander McQueen's last shoe collection and as usual it does not disappoint. I just can't wait for Lady GAGA to were it in one of her amazing videos.
Photos courtesy COCO PEREZ

Massive Attack

I recently heard the Debut Single by Nicki Minaj Massive Attack and damn that girl has got it going. The song features Sean Garret whom I also think is responsible for the beat. The song begins with It's Barbie and continues with marching bass and Garret doing what he does best, Miss Minaj then drops bar after bar with ease and punchline after punchline like you have never heard before listening to the song is like listening to a new age Lil Kim mixed with a better Foxy Brown and an even Cockier Eve.
I rate the song 4/5. But the video fails to impress like the song did. It concentrates on Minaj's body and her different outfits rather telling a story.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Betty Boop or Jessica Rabbit

there is an Online Debate on who is sexier between this two cartoon characters Jessica Rabbit or Betty Boop. I personally love Jessica Rabbit

Monday, April 19, 2010


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just saw somewhere(PEREZ) that Kim Kardashian was caught smooching Ronaldo. UPGRADE ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flesh Tone

Kelis Has released the Cover art for her album Flesh Tone which will be released July 6 and it has me confused. girlfriend has too much going on in the picture.


Aniston is releasing her own fragrance soon and like her it has a even more desperate name Lolavie at least it is better than that crap Kim K is hawking titled The Voluptuous fragrance Kim Kardashian as in for the love of God don't you have a brain sorry I asked it is obviously in your cellulite filled ass

Bursting Out

Nollywood is revving it up and the world is noticing. From the people that brought you the amazing movie Reloaded comes another hit Bursting Out starring Majid Michel and Genevieve Nnaji. From the trailer the film looks like a definite hit but i hope it doesn't have a terrible ending like Silent Scandal or tank like that Dirty SHIT of a film Ini Edo did.

Glee goes Wild

Mad Men

I recently fell sick so what do sick people who don't go to work do beside sleep do watch series non-stop My current addiction is Mad Men. I am obsessed with John Hamm's character Don Draper's constant cheating, his wife played by January Jones is an obvious basket case, the non stop smoking in the show even by a Pastor/Priest, The show is a period drama set in the 1960s, initially at the fictional Sterling Cooper advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York City, and later at the newly created firm of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.[4] The show centers on Don Draper (Jon Hamm), creative director at Sterling Cooper and a founding partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. I heart this show too much my fave character beside that sniveling Pete Campbell and Peggy Olsen is Joan Holloway played by the delicious Christina Hendricks.
The show is so popular that they even have their own Barbie dolls amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Christina Hendricks was recently picked as the sexiest woman in the world from an online poll.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SJP does Vogue

After the amazing photo for Sex and the City 2. I thought that SJP could not be more amazing then I saw the amazing Vogue Spread and I said VA VA VOOM. It was too Ferosh for words. The photos were taken by the amazing Mario Testino

Bieber fever Hits Vogue Teen Vogue that is

The ongoing Beiber fever has finally hit Teen Vogue. Bibs just did a spread for the magazine. I.m not a fan of the whole Tween pop thing a bit too Hannah Montana for my taste but that's just me.