Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The X FActor

Now I've been following X-Factor religiously on the internet because DSTV is too freaking backward. Frankly I have my 2 cents to say on this contestants

Rachael Crow amazing singer, that deep thing she has going on is good. Homegirl can't keep on selling her self short with that cuteness angle she needs to stop singing all the doo-wop songs and sing some thing else when she sang If I were a Boy i literally had chills and now she just comes and giggles on stage and sings some bubblegum song. her major competition is Drew and she be singing like her rent is due in a minuteAstro cool flow for a young person tone down on the arrogance and people may like him
Now I have a problem with this people because all they are is a lead singer and back up dancers that ooh and aah. They need to find out what works for them and evict two people or something and that crotch thing they do when they dance is just off!!!
I'm happy they eliminated these ones because how on earth will someone focus on all these children dancing everywere. I mean 10 people in a group i just don't see it and they always get one person to sing and she always behaves like body is scratching and not in a good way
Now this woman has some crazy pipes on her, but I heard she is a liar me I dunno and frankly I can't be bothered. Somebody should beg her to stop crying its just annoying
Another great singer and personally I think she is the best vocalist in the competition but everyone has the same thing to say she is a snoozefest
Performer Yes!! Singer noo!! all she needs to do in her future is shimmy left and right and lip synch.
I thought they hired June Ambrose and Ken Paves on the Style team of the show please someone needs to shave his beard and cut his hair he looks like a rat they dropped in hot water I don't listen to him sing cuz he just makes me want to sleep
i love her and I wept silently when she was eliminated.
I have zero to say about them till they are eliminated

Movie Time: The Help

I watched a lot of movies that truly describe racism and slavery but watching this shows it in a whole new light. Ovtavia Spencer who played Minnie brought a whole comedic light to the whole thing but Viola Davis literally brought tears to my eyes. When you watch this film you truly begin to appreciate all you have as a black person in the 21st Century

The Editors of Vogue Sit down

This is probably the first and the last time this would ever happen. Funny how Emmanuelle Alt stands out from the group