Thursday, February 17, 2011


Oleku Video

If i could use BBM smileys in this post, all I would use would be the raised eyebrow smiley. All i could say was WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all what happened with the rain drops everywhere and the girl in white and white dancing like she was about to die, I mean come oooooooooonn. If you have the money holla at Bobby Boulders or even Kemi Adetiba to do a video don't pack your groupies have their dreadful human hair frizzin up errewere. I have nuffin against this video before those jobless people on twitter that are desperate for retweets start yammering off point, it's just not what you would expect.

Mo Cheddah No be Money

Banky W Follow You GO

I must say I'm not a big Banky fan but some of his songs do get played on replay in my car so yes they do grow on you. The video was shot by Kemi Adetiba in Lagos. I like the video and all the steamy stuff in it good concept, at least no one woke up from sleep saying that was a dream

The Return of Jenifa Trailer

#DEAD #DEAD #DEAD is all i an type. I swear I was rolling on the floor just from watching this spatacle. Join the Kweee, Let us be friendship, I have a BB too i will pink u. The part that had me in stitches was when she told Saki ha Economy L'owo. I cant wait seriously its going to be a definite high to watch this.

Genevive Luna Milk

I saw this ad in passing. I was hopping into the car to go and watch Burlesque and my friend Kelvin was watching it so I looked and was like Hmmmm cool. Then I got home and had to wait for my dreadful modem to cough and sputter enough energy to load the video.
It was shot in Lebanon By Ziad Barazi and the fact that the ad is truly cool to look at and Genevieve looked truly beautiful in this ad, I might even ask what the hell is Luna Milk and were do we buy it. Now the people who keep popping up in those dreadful Glo and Chivita ads need to take note, this is the way to go

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Radio Version) by AnimalMon

SOoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! after days and hours waiting it has finally premiered while it's no Bad Romance or Poker Face, its an okay song. It has a Madonna sound to it. I had to search my sister's Madonna collection to find out which one and discovered its Express Yourself. Anyway any Lady Gaga fan will probably be wetting themselves listening to the song

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jennifer Hudson Album Cover for I Remember Me

The Official Bored Mind Playlist

1. Rihanna: Skin and S&M. Yep probably the most Sexual songs on the Loud Album but something about these two tracks just trip me every time. The Lyrics to the tune everything is just pure fire.
2. Her Minajesty as I stored it on my playlist is probably one of my favourite artists of the decade. I constantly have Romans Revenge, Super Bass, Did it One Em and Moment 4 Life on repeat
3. Omawunmi's voice transcends all normalcy to me nobody is supposed to sound this good while singing in pidgin but somehow Omawunmi seems to pull it off.
4. Jessie J is probably Britain's hottest export right about now from Do it Like a Dude to Prise Tag. The fact that this song actually has meaning and doesn't trail off like most pop songs i listen renewed my love for this artist. Hope to hear more stuff from her soon.

5. I'm not just listening to one track from this artist but the whole album. The album is on fire as far as im concerned and I play it constantly and I have to thank my friend Thelma for buying for me

Britney Spears Femme Fatale Album Cover

So I'm #Team Britney and all but I have to say the album cover is a total snoozefest I almost dozed off just looking at. The HIAM (Hold It Against Me) cover art was so much better than this one. Haba the promo pis are just killing me with boredom. She had better up her ante because Madam Gaga is coming tomorrow........................ let the war begin #okbye

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This is the most anticipated Vogue cover ever. I've been seeing blurry photos everywhere from twitter to Broadcast messages. So when I finally got my hands on the editorial I was pretty much as ecstatic as a fat boy looking at a chocolate fountain.
I like the styling and all but the androgynous thingy just has this thing I'm not just feeling. I actually like the one with the black jacket, the cover photo itself and the very last photo with her signature heels and the white dress.
All in all its Gaga being Gaga

Single Cover Art for Lady Gaga's Born This Way

Lady Gaga is sporting some serious feline features on the cover art for her upcoming single which debuts tomorrow and she sporting some amazing extensions and some feline looking make-up. #BornThisWay hits tomorrow feverishly waiting.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Winged and Fabulous Aishwarya Rai for Vogue 2011

Aishwarya Rai – one of the most beautiful women in the world – graces the cover of Vogue India’s February 2011 issue wearing Roksanda Ilincic.

The bold shouldered feathered blazer may be from past seasons, but it makes a huge impact on this cover which was shot by Polish photographer Marcin Tyszka.

The Bollywood beauty also wears a red Jenny Packham gown and a Valentino dress in her editorial.

Aishwarya wasn’t interviewed for this feature. Instead Vogue India compiled statements from 10 men on a wide range of topics.
Aishwarya Rai looks like a total bombshell on the sneak peak of Vogue India‘s February cover. And it’s mainly for 4 reasons:

1) Classy cleavage

2) Au natural make-up

3) Tousled, effortless hair

4) Bada$$ shoulder wings

Friday, February 4, 2011

Adele 21

I'm a big fan of Adele and when I heard she was recording again. I was in fits of happeiness and then the unthinkable happened I heard Duffy's new album which was an absolute snorefest and I started getting skeptical about the whole thing. The reason being not being that they both live across the pond but that they both came out almost the same time with the same style of music. Then I heard Rolling in The Deep and my faith in her was renewed.
The 11 track album was written byRick Rubin, Paul Epworth, Jim Abbiss, Fraser T Smith, Ryan Tedder and Dan Wilson.

My fave tracks on the Album are as follows
The Ryan Tedder penned track Rumor Has It, channels old school rock and roll style of music, from her smugly telling her ex shes leaving him for someone else and being the best thing that happened to him. The song has a sassy footing but he way it changes in the middle makes you think your playlist is misbehaving but in a good way.

Set Fire to the Rain is my next fave track. and then He Won't Go" where some real R&B crops up that lets Adele really explore that terrain. The song sounds like something Alicia Keys would either have done or would beat Beyonce to record.

Lady Gaga on the cover of Vogue

Finally This is the one cover of vogue I've been waiting for since I heard the famous mantra "walk walk fashion baby" Though I'm not an actual fan of the picture.I happy that she got a cover. It was shot my Mario Testino in Belgium, I'm actually looking forward to seeing the editorial.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I hardly have patience for things these days and a lot of things have me pulling my coco waves at what to do with these things or people so I decided to write a list and just let bygones be bygones.
1. I am utterly confused by people that lie endlessly about money they don't have and money they will never have.
2. I hate that when i'm in a hurry every thing seems to be in slow motion, its like every non-living thing in my room made a pact to piss me off.
3. I hate that people consistently ask me if i am comfortable being fat. Me that I am carrying the fat I have not complained once so why are u sniffing crack for me.
4. People who insult me behind my back and later shine their disgusting teeth at me. I see you haters and when the paper does pile up imma be smiling at the bank while you sit hatin yourselves.
5. People that were sunglasses at night or inside. Are u blind? If u answer is no then u r the prima donna of fools in the world. Is anybody pursuing u or do u think u r now a star in need of paprazzi. Please park in one corner that deserves your madness let us see well.
6. Ignorant people amaze me.
7. People who thhink they are the best thing since sliced bread amaze me.