Monday, August 30, 2010


I will not be blogging for sometime I'm trying to find out the path I want this blog to take and also improve on my writing so I'm taking some creative writing classes and I am avoiding peoplee even at work I'll feign sickness till my brain is CIRCA 1999 when it was overflowing with childish ideas on how I could change the world.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Gucci Guilty Trailer

The trailer for the Gucci Guilty ad is out and it is by Frank Miller. In summary if you have watched Sin City and The Spirit then you could have made this ad. The full ad premiers at the VMA'S why this is so confuses me as well. Enjoy Evan Rachel Wood try badly to look sexy and Chris Evans succeceding

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Janelle Monae Cold war

Janelle Monae get's up close and personal in her new video Cold War. Two words to describe the video recession friendly. The video showed the actual emotion of the singer sans her usual over the top dance moves, pompadour and tuxedos. the video was shot in one take and shows every facial expression possible from twitches in her face to her dramatic eyebrows. I'm particularly drawn to the line "I was made to believe there was some thing wrong with me and it hurts my heart" after which she breaks down in tears. The video was shot at The Palace of the dogs Sanitarium and directed by Wendy Morgan. It's an amazing video and amazing song.

Serena Williams: Dangerous Curves Ahead

Serena Williams recently posed for Hampton's magazine and seriously that girl has some wicked curves on her. She takes amazing photos.

Lady Gaga Vanity Fair

The other unseen covers for featuring Lady Gaga in British Vanity Fair was released today and I must say the one were she is clothed is fierce I'm not feeling the nude one it's like her head was super imposed on the picture.
All in all fab photos.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Rosewood Movement by Kanye West

if you are like me and have been wondering why Kanye's posse ( yes even the big-headed kanye has a posse to make his head seem even bigger) have decking out in designer suits of late well we have the answer and it's called The Rosewood Movement started by Kanye which means wearing finely tailored suits at all hours. According to him it's not just a fashion statement/movement (he is referring to all you shameless pple who copy everything from TV) it's a way of life, good manners, no cursing and for sure calling your mammy at all times.
The suit of choice for kanye's posse is Dior Homme Black Skinny Suit that retail for $2,200 (hot erre season) Former suits of chice were Lanvin and Club Monaco.
As this trend continues be sure to see some foolish people in our Lagos Sun trekking to their friends house in all black sweating and smile as if Kanye will bribe them to join his posse.

Alexnder McQueen's last dress

If written words could sound this would come out as a whisper. This is the very last dress by Alexander McQueen "still whispering" AWESOME

Remembering Alexander McQueen

This is the epicness that was Alexander McQueen

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gucci Guilty

Evan Rachael Wood of the True Blood Fame and Chris Evans of Fantastic Four are featured in the new perfume ad for Gucci Guilty.

Beyonce's Hot Fierce ADs for Dereon

For those of you who thought Beyonce was going to retire Sasha Fierce you are sadly mistaken cause she tapped into Sasha's fierceness for these new ads for the Dereon 2010 fall collection which she said is 1960's pinup meets futuristic biker chic.
I must say the styling is amazing and seriously loving the blond hair. The collection contains studded leggings, dramatic fierce shoulders and high waisted hot pants. The pictures were taken by Tony Duran and styled by Tina Knowles and Beyonce.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

That was last year this is now

People have unrealistic expectations of who they want me to be and I have decided to screw conformity in the ass and be me. I am fat, talk like I have hot yam in my mouth, my head is kinda big and i kinda talk and walk like Im the ish (I am sort of). I was never the finest boy in class, never hit the Top 10 sef or even Top 20, I was considered a doormat and then I decided to change all that and then all of a sudden I was considered nasty,bitchy, a snob, proud and yes a DIVA. Did I care Hell to the no I went on with my life and then she came in like a breath of fresh air made me laugh when I didn't want to, made me text endlessly till my thumbs ached and then dumped me, I felt bad for the first three days hence the desperate calls, then I met new friends who gave it to me straight it's either you move on and live or you stay pining in boredom so of I am with a new lease on life and a new pack of friends and a new pay-off Screw Conformity Anarchy is in