Wednesday, December 8, 2010

MUD Cosmetics

I know this is kinda old and all but shame for her counterparts has not let me post this video. The video just goes to show that this woman is creating a brand for herself and not displaying high amounts of stupidity on an ad for a fast food chain I doubt people still go to. While Timi and i were watching this video I saw Monalisa Chinda on Tv in one of her ads for Glo and I just laughed.

Kanye West's Monster

I just saw a teaser video for the Kanye West Monster Song and already I can hear the ignorant people screaming illuminati or some other bull crap they discuss amongst themselves. The only thing I look forward to in this video is the Queen Nicki Minaj part, she and Kanye West made that song worth listening to and Jay-z yapping away about being a Sasquatch or whatever did not make me bob my head at all, plus Nicki did sport her gold teeth and fangs. Me i can't wait for this video so i can marvel at the awesomeness that is Nicki Minaj and Kanye West.