Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dawn Richard In Connect Magazine

Nike Osinowo Ovation shoot

Former Miss Nigeria Nike Osinowo-Soleye looks amazing in this Ovation shoot. The Ituen Basi pieces definitely looks amazing but I must say her face looks like it will crack if she attempts to change her facial expression *coughs b*#@x anyone

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nike Osinowo

Nike Osinowo has been a very busy busy bee for some time now first the new revamped Miss Nigeria and her fitness video now she is releasing a fragrance called Asabi

Beyonce' new album details

Forgive me for saying this I'm a die hard fan of Beyonce but it's taking too long for this video to come out. Haba is it until Lady Gaga has released a full video and Rihanna has finished touring for this LOUD!!! album that she will let us see the Run the World Video, its getting a bit frustrating seeing this video teasers.I bet the video is going to be as stimulating as none before but please release it already. The album title is 4 and she had a preview party were some her fans listened to some of her tracks one of them was inspired by Fela Kuti and another was from Boys 2 Men.
Below is the latest in a series of video teasers for #Run The World Girls.
The fashion in this video is so far amazing

Lady Gaga and her Penis Shoes

The American Idol contestants got a priceless lesson in elegance last night when their mentor showed up wearing $4500 Lucite dildo heels from Void of Course. Heels that double as a sex toy make the world go 'round

Friday, May 6, 2011

NENE vs Star Jones gets animated

The Real Housewives franschises have become a guilty pleasure for me and I've become intrigued by 'normal' people who would agree to put their lives on television for public display and scrutiny and I'm not ashamed to say that I anticipate every episode of the Real House Wives of Atlanta because Nene Leakes is a treasure to behold the woman has more drama than a Gossip Girl sex triathlon. So recently the blogs have been ablaze about her on screen rivalry with fellow celebrity apprentice co-star Star Jones and yes Nene brought it to the streets. Star had better be careful cuz Nene will wipe the floor with her love handles. Some people have decided to take the bitch fight to "My Little Pony"

To some people this is the visual offering of the year, to me its just one in a series of painful things we will see from the Mother Monster, The only thing I can actually say positive about this video is that the montage is not as long as that of Telephone and Born This Way the latter being visually disgusting.The video is not as epic as she thought it will be, I don't find myself jumping from tree to tree screaming Judaaaaaas Judaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas, unlike frankly i find the video quite boring. Watch Lady Gaga portray Latina Mary Magdalene ( Sacrilege!!!!!!!!!!!!)

New Video: Nicki Minaj Super Bass

Step into Nicki's Wonderland with her new video offering for Super Bass a bonus track of her album "Pink Friday"The buxom Barb dons an assortment of colorful wigs in the Sanaa Hamri-directed visuals, riding a motorcycle made of ice, splashing in a pool of pink water, and reprising her lap dances in the dark, with plenty of eye candy to go around.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Met Gala

Giselle in Alexander McQueen LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!
Solange's dress is just interesting is all I can say but that hair is just terrible.
Last time I checked Alicia Keys had given birth so this outfit is just questionable
Finally she has dropped her body con dresses for this Vera Wang dress that is totally amazing
Ciara brought her A-Game ha the gown is divine and the cuff on her wrist just completes the ensemble and yes the girls are out to play!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for wonderbras!!!!!!!
Janelle Monae yes we know you luv your tuxes and your attempt at revamping your rather boring style, with heel and that disgusting hat is just a large snore

The MET GALA 2011 was a la amazing!!!!!!!! The fashion was mayjah!!!!!!! a lot more people came for this than last year. If you don't know what the MET Gala is, I'm as confused as you are too all I know is people get dolled up to the nines just to be here and this years edition was in honor of the greatness that was Alexander Mcqueen. My only problem was that I didn't see enough Alexander McQueen pieces on the runway. Some people as usual came there dressed like some mad person chased her from them from a dress shop, and some people came dressed to over impress like Madam Daphne Guiness, I mean the woman got dressed in a Barney's window, Wat more do you want

The Met Gala and Beyonce

Before I start blogging about the lovely fashion at the MEt Gala that happened last night, I just want to take a minute to ask Beyonce " Madam did you not get the memo that this is not cookout in your hometown'' This is a high fashion event, ball gowns couture and all and you came for it in an EMilio Pucci gown that is an almost replica of your 2008 Oscar gown with that dirty neckline. Mscheeeewwww!!!!!!!!!!! Then she had the guts to walk out on the photogs abeg madam!!!!!!!!!!! You need to park somewere and reevaluate yourself because your supposed comeback single is No 51 on itunes and you don't have a video yet abi you are waiting for Lady Gaga abi!!! Dey there they wait incase you haven't noticed we have fickle interests and soon very soon other people with rather impressive backsides will takeover

P.S Sack your stylist A.S.A.P