Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Omawunmi If u ask me

Amazing video, Amazing clothes AMAZING!!!!

Get Inspired withe the Teaser video of Waje"s So Inspired

I've been a big fan of Waje since I heard Kolo and this song So Inspired is probably one of the songs on repeat on my playlist. The video was shot in Johannesburg by Clarence Peters and will be released on the 4th of April.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beth Ditto's EP

I've been a fan of Gossip for a while now and when I heard that their lead singer Beth Ditto was doing a 4 track EP. I was ecstatic, The four songs are just amazing but my faves are Open Heart Surgery and I wrote the book. She just released the video for I wrote the book and unlike other rip offs that claim to pay homage to Madonna, this is done tastefuly, its just like the Justify my Love by Madonna video and its just fun fun fun !!!!!!!.


I have seen this babes videos occasionally and I usually think its Nneka singing but then in a fit of boredom last night I watched the video below completely and had to do research on the babe apparently this is her third album. I'm still hunting for her old songs when I listen to them then I will judge, but this song and video is just amazing

Solange"s Son designs for Japan

Juelz, Solange's Son has designed t-shirts for japan. Proceeds from sales would go to a charity that assists in relief for Japan. The shirts are already being sold in his school and would be on sale on the internet soo.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My friends are like the most important people to me because first of all they put up with my mood swings, my banter and they definitely just keep me grounded and when I have a problem or I'm just looking for someone to insult they are always there.
K.C is probably one of the people that reads this blog almost everyday so I can't help but give him a shout out here. plus this his picture sef nawa he must sha find wife from here by fire by force
Ayo Adams is well Ayo Adams the biggest noise maker in my life and always means well
Now This girl above is one of my favorite people in the entire world to gist with, something new and interesting is always happening with her and they ain't no dull moment with Miss Laezi F Baby, Crazy fun and definitely one of the best dressed girls i know
I call them my Boredom police, they came to Abuja to save me from boredom once the cow below left me to suffer. Ha the mischief we get to in Abuja is mad,but when it's time to brainstorm they are my go to guys
TIMI is my best friend down in the whole wide world like he really understands me down with a T. We talk almost everyday and half the time I'm pissed about something and he has gist about someone we know and it all goes down hill
The only reason I still blog is because of this guy right here he constantly tweets new ideas to me and forces his friends to visit my blog,anything I do Mr John is there a 100% to support me. The very first fashion show I did he made sure the publicity in Uni was crazy and made sure I had pictures, he got me my very first fashion magazine job interview, he is a cool guy and a snazzy dresser. he will be the first feature of a series we are starting on the blog watch out for it
Tope is just the sweetest girl in the world and I miss her dearly, she makes the best jollof rice and goat meat I have tasted in the world and her gist is just untamed and fun. We had mad times during NYSC can't wait for her to get back

GoodLuck Biscuits

This is becoming too much!!!! haba I thought it was photoshop or Timi just trying to play tricks when he sent it to me on BBM, then the unbelievable happened. I was at MM2 waiting angrily for my flight to Abuja and a child passed with this biscuit and I nearly pissed myself laughing infact I screamed at the airport so much that i got a dirty look from some horny looking MILF

Black Berry Babes (HIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is nothing I will not see in this Nigeria. I trust film makers they will not take last in the BB trend, but this just takes the cake in stupidity, I mean really BlackBerryBabes #really. Anyway after watching the trailer I will watch it just to find out why Geisha abi Kesha thinks she is hot and Tuface's Baby Mama is trying to form accent Guuurl please ur lace fronts are definitely biting into your brainwaves

Rihanna Vogue Cover

The April Cover of U.S Vogue has hit News Stands and it features Rihanna. I absolutely love the cover and it was shot by one of fave photographers in the world Anne Liebowitz ( I hope I got the spelling write If I didn't and it's paining you lick nepa pole)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This week

This week definitely started in it's usual dull manner, with my Dad muttering his usual complaints about my Brother and I constantly refusing to wash cars or water the plants in the morning with the way he yammers on someone would think its a Rolls Royce we are leaving dirty. But today Afolabi buzzed me and he was taking all of us for a lunch, pizza and Ice Cream, being me and never one to shy away from free food i appeared event though my foolish car decided to have a much deserved vacation,the result of all the eating and fun and laughing resulted in 8 people passed out on the floor of Afolabi's hotel room and me snoring heavily while Little Fockers was boring nobody

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the Grand Dame of #Gbagaun

Some one really needs to put a nuzzle on the the Grand Dame I mean haba it is becoming too much, let it not be that this woman will cause her husband the election because of her terrorist attacks against english.

Gossip Girl Alert: Blake Lively A.k.A Serena's new ad for CHANEL madmoiselle Handbag

This is probably one of the ads I've been waiting to see all year. I must say It was done tastefully and at least we can see the handbag unlike some ads that will leave you wondering whether its sex abi breast they are advertising.

Willow Smith 21st Century Girl Video

Off the Success of her first single Whip My Hair the Roc Nation Signee Willow Smith has released the video to her 2nd Single 21st Century girl. mad props to her for using screen veteran Cicely Tyson in the video. Tho I'm not so heavy on the song as I expected it to surpass the awesomeness that was Whip My Hair. Enjoy the 10 year old retirement plan for Will and Jada dance with wolves below

Friday, March 4, 2011

Lady Gaga Born This Way

I used to be a die hard Gaga fan but alas my love for Gaga has completely waned from completely underwhelming me at the Vogue shoot to her obvious copy cat song Born This Way which is an obvious rip off of Madonna's Express your self. I was still getting over the song then the video came out and then I thought pleeeease when will this end. The video was just disgusting I have ni problem with the less than stellar dance steps but watching her simulate child birth just made me think that finally this woman has gone crazy

Kim Kardashian's Song Jam

Were do I start with this travesty that is supposed to be a song. Usually everytime you turn on E! something about the Kardashians pops up and you just think let them have their time. But this one was too much. Auto tune overload absolutely pointless lyrics and her voice sounds way off for her to consider releasing and album. The Dream and Tricky Stewart wrote the song while The Dream produced, they both were high on some expired panadol to release this song. I wanted to punture my speakers when this song came on. It even has 50,000 dislikes on Twitter

The Travesty That was Omotola's Grammy Dress

There is only one line I can use to describe the dress Omotola wore to the grammys HORRENDOUS!!!!! First of all I have nothing against her before some daft troll would be all up in bizness saying I'm a hater. From the pervy looking man that is holding her way too close for comfort or the fact that her bra is obvious out for the world to know that she visited Marks and Spencer before attending to her stomach hanging. For the love of all things pure hasn't she heard of spanx or that body toner abi body magic me I no sabi.
As far as I'm concerned this was supposed to be a huge moment in her so called musi career as well as one for Nigerians and she went looking like they were there to hawk second G-strings puh-liz this is just too much to handle. I for one can stare at this picture and keep continuously insulting her management.

Photo Courtsey


my blogging culture has reduced because.......................... seriously I can't come up with a decent enough excuse on the above other than I have been too busy sleeping, trying my best to have a social life which by the way isn't happening, I'm in a lull seriously!!!!!!! I haven't even showed interest in a single person this year which is shocking cuz usually when i'm single girls begin to pop everywhere and I begin to crush on them like a fat kid at a candy store, Timi seems to think I'm still holding a candle for my ex which i seriously doubt because she who must never be named has moved on like since the day before we broke up so that ship has sailed and docked. Though my friends seem to be having the fun of their lives 2011 just seems a bit dull, so for now imma go back to being plain ole bored