Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wetin Happen: Una No Get Stylist

The picture above refers to one of those that you see and you pray it's a dream with the steady emergence of stylists and PR firms why would anybody comeout looking like a demented Salsa dancer I mean haba this is what me and my pple refer to as I must to show for picture.
This is just for laffs I'm hoping those people behind him are not his bodyguards but are his hangers on because if at all Faze still has fans they will squash those two
Desmond Elliot you are killing me everyday with you sub par dressing and you are one pf the people claiming to be signed to a PR agency and you are wearing WHITE SHOES in this day and age. First you were wearing that disgusting cravat that made you looking like stuffed tolotolo now white shoes and white trousers.
This picture is I shan't agree I must to take first at this party even Suliat would be jealous of this get up. Don't get me wrong the dress is okay at least she didn't look like that train wreck in Tiger skin but the beads abi pearls are overkill. It's a bit much for me

Hot Mess: MIA

Kanye West Dark Twisted Fantasy

This is the Album cover for Kanye's album Dark Twisted Fantasy and by all means this is some dark twisted shit.
On to more news from his album, The Third Single which is called "All the Lights" features som eye raising collaborations form the likes of Alicia Keys, Fergie,Rihanna. Elton John, Kid Cudi, John Legend, The Dream and La Roux's Elly Jackson.

He described the combo as “completely seamless and completely ghetto as f**k.” He took bit and pieces from each artist, so don’t necessarily expect to hear full verses.

In addition to being included on the album, the song can be heard in his 35-minute Runaway video, premiering Saturday, October 23, at 8 p.m. EST.

Daily Nicki Minaj

This is the single cover for her album Pink Friday

Monday, October 18, 2010

Willow Smith

The Spawn of Will and Jada released the long awaited video for her single "Whip My Hair" and hot damn can you see a number 1 screaming somewhere, If this single does hit Number 1 then she becomes the youngest person to get a number 1 single on the charts. This includes Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder who made the chart at 13 and 11 respectively. The Video is freaking fierce for a nine year old. After I watched this I carried my two year old niece to the dance class and told her sweety if you don't Whip your hair in the next five minutes no more Chocolates.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Daily Gaga

Lady Gaga has announced the name of her signature fragrance which would be named Monster and be release in 2012

Fashion Disaster

The new print ads for the Chloe Love perfume features the model wearing a YSL belt when every other thing she was wearing was Chloe. I smell some major drama his shoot she is going down and not in a good wayhe stylist of tcoming and I pity t

Kim Kardashian Naked for W magazine

The Queen of Reality Television recently posed naked for a W magazine spread with nothing but silver paint covering her body and her hand covering her lady parts

Purr by Katy Perry

Kitty Kitty: Katy Perry continues her latex love affair by pouring into a skin-tight purple leopard print catsuit to promote her new fragrance, Purr.

The promo ad, shot by Miles Aldridge, sees the Teenage Dream star finish her feline look with a pair of stripper-heels, kinky tail, and giant pink ball of yarn.

The fragrance will be released in November, and comes in a cat shaped, adorned with bejewelled eyes and purple colouring.

The New Calvin Klein Ads

The new Calvin Klein X Underwear ads are out with each of the celebrity models representing earth, fire, wind and water. It features True Blood Alum Mehcad Brooks, Twilight star Kellan Lutz, Spanish Tennis Player Fernando Verdasco and Chinese football player Hidetoshi Nakata. Amazing that Calvin Klein chose men of varying races.

Someone needs to shut Taylor Momsen aka Little J up

Trailer Trash and underage gutter troll Taylor Momsen recently said in an interview that she likes porn and even has fave porn stars but unlike the rest of horny male public she wasn't a fan of the Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee Sex tape and wouldn't f@#k Tommy Lee. There are too many things wrong with this whole issue, first why is she even talking about porn, second why is she even allowed to talk about sex and third please why is anybody allowing her talk?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shoe Haven: Kim Kardashian in Iris Van Herpen

These shoes remind me of the Alexander McQueen Armadillo heels. The shoes are definitely gonna be a hit this year mark my words.

Rihanna's Only Girl

The video for Only Girl in the World just dropped and I must say I was sadly disappointed. I expected much more than than Rihanna running through flowers all happy and shit, If I wanted that I would have watched Katy Perry shoot cream from her ta-tas in California Girls again. Besides the sttyling and her red locks looking fierce the video is under-whelming, with Rihanna being the sole performer in the video (perhaps in reference to the name of the song) it was still a shift from the dark Rated R album at least I will listen to the song without fearing that my aunty will pour me holy water this time

This is me not caring

A while ago I posted something about being in a relationship apparently it isn't so anymore or wasn't even so then. As usual I can't even be bothered again about this one because as usual it ended the same way as the others lies lies and more foolish lies. I'm tired of deluding myself into thinking that one day some special will come along because shit like that only happens in my life once in twenty years. This last person was amazing and even had a jealous streak and in a freaky way that trips me but all in all it wasn't to be we still talk and stuff and last night I had an epiphany and I thought to myself if we are supposed to work things out why am I doing all the talking and you keeping me at bay. Life is so annoying at times and my fucking heart is paining me it's giving me a headache. Anyway back to the Evil chipper self and no more bull shit love nonsense. Till my next post. STAY BORED

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Victoria Beckham

As far as I am concerned there is no one who can work a camera like Victoria Beckham. She works hard for the money and it shows. She is featured on the November cover of Marie Claire and damn shes looking hawt


This week has been annoying and it hasn't even started yet. First off all is started with the DSTV hanging and off all channels for it to hang on African Magic (No 1 Suspect Muna The Maid) I was eyes and ears were then raped with the worst possible movies made. Then I had to run off to NYSC for head count. I got there kinda of late meaning stupid people/haters woyld have pitched their tents of stupidity every were so they can gossip and spew their gutter troll every were. As usual I refuse to were that hideous uniform and those disgusting shoes so I pick up a sweater, white T-shirt my new blue rimmed nerd glasses and their foolish khaki pants altered by Mama Benita to suit my fat. I get there and start searching for Timi who obviously would have angrily sat somewhere wondering why he had to be there when he could be at home starring at himself in the mirror, then one idiot with her chinese blackberry, smelling lace wig and igbo smelling perfuming that kept raping my nose every five minutes said see this orobo he too dey overdo sef na only im get money" ha I look at her in mock fury and say sweetheart the rat that died on your head is smelling please go and wash it before you can talk to me.
As you read this post enjoy the picture above as it describes my notion of the girl and her deranged boyfriend

Vogue gets Boring

I'm an avid reader of Vogue magazine infact that's the first thing I ask my mother for whenever she travels but for the love of all things pure what the fuck is going on in that magazine. First off all they put two of the most boring people in my opinion on the October issue of both the American and British Vogue. Haba First of all Cheryl Cole's Steven Miesel cover is butt ugly I mean she makes below par music in my opinion, she was in a band that made excruciatingly bad music and would try their best to look sexy and her husband is the British Tiger Woods only with less subtlety and she get's a Vogue Cover.
The cover with Carey Mulligan best known for being in Wall Street is a bore she practically posed with the same facial expression throughout, My God was Anna Wintour not having enough evil in her life that day or is she seeing too much of Blake Lively. You people need to get people who actually have something to do with fashion like I dunno VICTORIA BECKHAM!!!!!!!!!!!! now that girl will work a picture like her life depends on it. smh

Monday, October 4, 2010

Daily Nicki Minaj

Leona Lewis cancels performance

In lieu of the bomb blast last week Friday, Leona Lewis has cancelled her performance which was scheduled to take place on Saturday the 2nd of October. She released a statement saying " Out of respect for those victims, it is with regret that I have had to postpone my performance".
As for me I am advising you Leona pack your trolley and high tail it from here, we love you too much pack your stuff and disappear but please don't forget to adopt me on the home.

The Simmons sisters looking FAB

The black answer to the Hilton sisters sans the prison sentences, drug busts, sex tapes and crazed boy friends recently posed in BE magazine showing their new line of heels from their Pastry collection

T.V Shows that you should be watching

Why should you watch this: It's High School Musical with more class and less deranged outbursts of singing. The second season promises some celebrity cameos, The Britney Spears cameo has already aired and one word EPIC!!!!!. Charice has already featured and plus romance is going to be in the air this year.
Fringe is the most amazing sci-fi/thriller show i have watched since X-Files, better believe this Joshua Jackson of the Dawson's Creek fame adds the comic relief to this show that makes it watchable.
One word to describe Modern Family would be classic. Five years down the road I will still be singing praises for this show. The oddity in this family is so amazing that even my mother loves the show

New show that spawned from some guy's random spewings on Twitter.