Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Somewhere in his office Akin is going to be fighting an orgasm when he sees this post. apparently there is going to be a movie for 24. For those of you who don't know after much speculation the show has been cancelled.
Dunno is i'll be watching it seeing as i have only watched two episodes of the series in whole anyway be sure that you will be seeing akin writhing in happiness as he watches his favourite show

Ministerial Nominees

You know i hardly ever blog about politics seeing as politics is a big bore of old people screaming in barely audible english over who is penny pinching and who was a little bit happy at the national cake sharing.
Anyway I strayed last nite from my usual foray at channel 124 known as E! to DSTV watchers and from trying to watch Model City, Teen Mom and Real Life to watch NTA(scream if you can and yes I know were NTA is) to see which person will dare pick on Dora Akunyuli I mean the woman is as stubborn as a mule and for every question that mule through at her she always had a straightforward answer. I love a woman with liver anyday. They had better not piss of nigerians by not putting her back in her post because we will not be amused. I wonder at what kind of indecent person will connote to you cooking with Turai as a question for Ministerial position i mean puhliz and they say we are immature

Ricky Martin has finally come out

Year after year reporters and journalists have been trying to out Ricky Martin to no avail but he finally made the call by himself when he came out as gay on his website yesterday. He was quoted saying "To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids where born with. From the moment I wrote the first phrase I was sure the book was the tool that was going to help me free myself from things I was carrying within me for a long time. Things that were too heavy for me to keep inside," he said. "Writing this account of my life, I got very close to my truth. And this is something worth celebrating. Some sycophants on the blogs are busy having hissy fits instead of doing what their jobs are and just blog abiut it.
Any way will you still be listening to La Vida Loca???????????????

Mr Nigeria Places Third in Mr World Contest

In not so recent news Mr Nigeria Kenneth Okolie has placed Third in the Mr World contest which took place recently in Korea. The first position went to Mr Ireland who apparently is part Nigerian.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Music News

Xtina is finally going to release something from her new album bionic and its tomorrow. I will be online all through waiting at he online radio stations to hear how it sounds. fab no doubt we are sorry for ever doubting your voice though we say its quite dubious of you to release ur single Shap Shap as Gaga and Brit Brit are taking well deserved snoozes somewhere. Ludacris's album Battle of the Sexes is definitely a must listen I am not a rap fan but the tracks on this album had be dropping my Etta James and Amy Wino to listen again and again. Have you heard Nothing by Janet jackson its definitely something you should listen to.
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this is probably stale news but I love this song its impossible not to hum it through out today at work. Get the song it's imperative.

Novelty News

I thought I had seen it all thn these came out. imagine someone opening their eyes in front of you and this is what you see. Unnecessary isn't it

Jennifer's Body and Alice in Wonderland

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelppppppppppppppppppppppp me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I watched two of the most annoying films in my life last week. Silverbird had better be considering giving me my money back because I ma not amused at all. Alice in Wonderland was a load of bull crap all effects and shitty acting I really do not see what all the hullabaloo was about serious all i remember from the film was that disastrously sshitty dance that Johnny Depp did and the fact Helena Bonham carter kept screaming Off with their heads throughout the movie. Jennifer's Body do not even get me started on that film Amanda Seyfreid tried to pull her weight against that daft slut Megan Fox all that film had going was the infamously mind numbing kiss that would only turn on the perverts that actually liked this movie. Fox was trying too hard to be sexy we know you are sexy get over it and her accent in the film was terrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiible I almost cried in annoyance throughout the whole movie.

Photo of the Day

My Icon

Gid here I come you come you can party if you wanna

Yes O!!!!!!!!!! It won't be easy this week. Lagos will here that we have arrived. From the bus stops at Jibowu to Maza Maza people will know that we have arrived. We will be partying non stop from Tribecca to Rehab, Insomnia, Swe Bar, the Go cart place dunno the name yet. We will definitely be hitting KFC for our chicken nuggies. It definitely won't be boring as we have made new friends amazing people they are Andrew, Yusuf and the gang and it definitely won't be a snoozefest like the last time. I already have my clothes packed for each event. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for updates on our trip on twitter on http://twitter.com/MrFaisson and become a fan on facebook on the Mr Chatterfromaboredmind fan page.

Jesse jagz album party in Abuja

The Jesse Jagz album launch was on Saturday and definitely we at Chatterbox were there to see all and sundry. The creme de la creme of abuja were there with a few sprinklings of razzobias. The venue was super packed with Celebrities from Omawunmi to Wizkid, M.I. Ice Prince, Gordons, AY, Julius Agwu, Denrele and Noble Igwe there could have been more but those were the only people I could identify. Jesse definitely knew what he was doing as the album definitely is packed with hit after hit. i definitely love the song Pump it Up and when he came out with and started with Hey now its that incredible kid from J town the whole crowd went wild. the only odd thing or should i say odd were a couple of Chinese guys that kept jumping up and down through out the performance. i mean even Nigerians wern't that enthusiastic. Pictures coming soon

The Guilder Ultimate Search Show premiered yesterday and it was fun to watch the celebrities and I use that word loosely loose their calm. Not too long into the show they were already arguing over their first their first task which was to solve a puzzle and win sleeping bags and tents. When the puzzle was solved the ever annoying Muma Gee started yapping that she was the one that solved the puzzle much to the annoyance of Daddy Showkey and Jenifa (Funke Akindele) even the usually reserved Chioma Akpotha had some choice words to say.
It was already obvious who everybody hates Muma Gee most of the women can’t even stand her fake Diva attitude. She fought with Princess, Chioma and obviously Funke who kept getting on her case. The funny thing was when Funke said she had never heard of Muma Gee and shehas never even seen her before the show quite bitchy if you ask me but I was waiting for Muma to open her trap and say the same so the whole of Naija will run to that bush and beat her, but she did have some funny thing to say that she was a sophisticated lady and doesn’t fight, I had to laugh outrageous hair yes, tacky dress sense yes, a stylist that should be sacked yes, fake accent yes, delusional that she is a diva yes, all that is what Muma Gee is but sophisticated she definitely is not. Funke, Princess and Chioma then got on Emeka Ike’s case OOOOOOOOoo I was so happy when this happened I was praying that he would drop that stupid pretty boy thing that he so does not have and that dirty village English he is trying to speak and speak like the has been that he is.
All in all Dare ever the Dapper individual proved to be atrue celebrity and did not engage the other people in mundane arguments (I am rooting for him to win to prove that Ajebuttas are the bomb) Weird MC was so mature I love her for wise words and her attitude. I was however shocked that Obesere and Daddy Showkey did not break out ranting in Yoruba at the stupid people making noise, though it was obvious they were finding it hard that at times they would switch to Yoruba for which Jenifa would oblige. Bob- manuel proved that he knew were he stood and I see him as one of the top 3 for the money.
Will you still be watching Muma Gee pretend to have more than 50 fans and Jenifa aka Suliat rant like a possessed rabied baboon? Who are your Top 3. Leave your comments and do not forget to follow this blog and follow us on twitter http://twitter.com/MrFaisson

Friday, March 26, 2010

the Vatican

I am not against them but i just thought to blog about it.
New files pertaining to the Vatican were unveiled yesterday exposing certain members of the Catholic Church as two-faced hypocrites. Apparently, there is documentation revealing the Vatican's decision to allow a priest to remain at his post after it was confirmed he molested as many as 200 deaf boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOCKER

In 1996, Milwaukee's archbishop contacted the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which decides the fate of accused priests, about Rev. Lawrence C. Murphy, who was working at a renowned school for deaf children and was being charged with molesting his students. A secret canonical trial was in the midst of being set up when the good Reverend personally wrote to the Cardinal in charge, insisting that he should not be put on trial because "he had already repented and was in poor health and that the case was beyond the church’s own statute of limitations."

That's a lot of bullshit to cram into one sentence. And it worked! He was never defrocked or charged with anything! What's worse is that three separate archbishops of the church were alerted of the Reverend's crimes and not one reported it to the police. Victims who approached officials themselves were dismissed without any investigation.

There is new information comes on the heels of an investigation against the current Pope Benedict. There are accusations that he and his subordinates also did not alert civilian authorities or discipline priests involved in sexual abuse cases when he served as an archbishop in Germany and as the Vatican’s chief doctrinal enforcer.

Also i discovered some online statistic that says only 20 percent of the 3,000 accused priests whose cases went to the church’s doctrinal office between 2001 and 2010 were given full church trials, and only some of those were defrocked.
Meaning plenty of these priests are still being allowed in churches.

cullued from Perez Hilton

Be careful

Recently Cynthia Shackleford a 60 year Old Native of North Carolina won a case against her husband's Concubine whom she got $6 million smackaroos from. Apparently in some states in America you can sue someone for alienation of affection.Nigerians appeal for this law to passed in Nigeria so you can deal with those dirty Aristos who have been sleeping with your husbands. If such a law actually got passed in Nigeria all the Aristos would go broke leading to a lot of grouchy Aristos and a lot of broke men running to and from the bank

Talk with Funmi

I haven't blogged about the Talk with Funmi Show because I haven't really watched but throughout this week I have been watching seriously though once i was sidetracked by that stupid Jersey Shore very Stupid Show, before I go off point. TWF is a very good show Funmi Iyanda definitely has a way with people. I watched her session with the Okada Riders really mind blowing even when she wanted to learn from there aint seen anyone of them talk show queens do that before. Really Insightful stuff, Funmi Keep up the Good Work.

Novelty News

In our odd news section apparently a girl has just won an award for having the smelliest sneakers in history. Puhliz I do not believe that have they bothered to smell Timi's shoes now those are smelling Rats actually die near those shoes.
Anyway the girl Trinette Robinson was awarded $2,500 for her odor and given products from Odor Eaters. Na wa Please someone alert them for me Timi's shoes can beat her shoes anyday


We decided that everyday we would do a bit we'll call Lady GAGA news.
Anyway Messus Gaga hass topped the list of having the most videos watched online with 1 billion views. Shocked aren't you apparently a lot of people liked the bald hissing cat in Bad Romance because it had an approximated 360,000,027(360 million) views,The Great Danes were obviously a hit in Poker Face as it had more that 374 million hits and Lady Gaga dry humping a whale made you giggle in ur lovebits because it had more than 274 million hits.
I was jumping all the way to the bathroom singing So happy I could Die. Eat your heart out weird lady im Britney's video.

In other news Alejandro might be the next Single to have a video, Boo Hoo we were hoping Teeth would be the next one But any video is better than no video

Events this weekend

The Fusion event has finally arrived it will be tomorrow at Y'ardua Centre Abuja from 12-7pm. Would definitely be hitting that event. The Jesse Jagz Album Launch Party is tomorrow also at Auto Lounge in Sheraton Hotel and Towers Abuja from 8pm. Also Eldee is having a gig tomorrow at Play Sports Bar and Grill Abuja which would be brought to you by NobleKoncepts. Abuja is definitely going to bubble tomorrow. Which event will you be hitting? Have a fab time at which ever you decide to go for don't forget to say hi to us we will be the guys at the back wearing black second row on your left

If you do not like it do not watch it

People and when I say people I mean activists, hasbeens people with nothing to do but watch television waiting for some mishap they can boycott have been yapping rubbish about the Telephone video, I mean that video has its moments were you have a question mark on your head but please the video is too amazing. The same cow that said something about the if you seek amy video is yapping trash yet again that the video is not for children and it would confuse little children. If I was her child I would be confused too seeing as people have been advicing you to clamp down on your stupidity and you have vehemently refused that would definitely confuse me. Then Donny Osmond i don't even want to know what he does for a living doubt if I would listen to the earth shattering crap spewing from his mouth has said that people should rethink policies on allowing music videos with sexual innuendos, nudity, F bombs, Foul language should not be made available to people of all ages. I say what some other peple have been saying since were asleep when Madonna wore her cone bra or the sexual things she has been doing all her know you decide to crawl up from obscurity and beg for some publicity thinking Honey B or GaGA would reply you HELL NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOSER

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Your $ 55,000 Orgasm

Recently while doing my rounds on things to blog about i stumbled on a story about a dildo/vibrator. I was amazed why would any self respecting person buy a dildo for that price when you can get one for $12 or get some free at some weird clubs. The Director of Maison Victor that makes the pleasure machine says it is a way for "RICH PEOPLE" to declare their love in a special way. Well if I was a lady and someone bought me a dildo for that price I would smack that person silly with the dildo. Anyway the Dildo is white gold and comes with a 117 carat diamond encrusted ring. Any guy who gets this for a girl had better make sure that she has multiple you know whats and achieve your money worth in ten years.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First it was the Vaj jay Jay mouse now its the Vaj j J visor

People are just going crazy in the world. I thought i had seen evrything crazy people had to offer than i saw the Va JJ mouse then i was to astounded to talk about it then i saw this and then I thought men people are going crazy. Apparently the vag visor is to protect you while trying on underwear in stores and also protects you when waxing tanning and sunbathing. Crazy hun !!!!!! I dunno what the other vulgar Vag mouse is for as only some deranged pervert can think of something like that.

Naomi Campbell for Vogue Russia Photos By Steven Meissel

The ever fabulous Naomi Campbell always looks great except when she is assaulting her staff any way enjoy some pictures.

Vogue is in a stir and Ana better watch her back

The latest issue of Vogue has fashion lovers buzzing about a shakeup in the magazine. Wondering why? Andre Leon Talley name was removed as Editor at Large and put as a mere Contributing Editor. People are also buzzing with news that Hamish Bowles and Greace Coddington also might have to hold on to the hinges of their titles at Vogue for fear of what HBIC Anna Wintour might do no next.
Be careful Anna you know we love ALT and so does Kimora and Tyra be very careful we have seen those twi in a fit weaves and nails flying will not be pretty on your stoic face.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Guilder Ultimate Search

The Celebrity Edition of Ultimate Search is here with host as Genevieve Nnaji the show definitely is something people have too watch. The cast features an eclectic group of celebrities you can even classify them The ajebutta connoisseur Dare Alade, The teary eyed actress with so many changed last names Chioma ......, The comedienne with natural floaters or airbags can't remember which one she said she has Princess, Suliat Kan also known as Jenifa also known as Funke Akindele is part of the cast and was also seen at the event brandishing her blackberry as if it was her lifeline on the show, Acclaimed Fuji King Obesere, Daddy Showkey Lord knows were they found because ijust can't remember when last i saw or even heard his name. Boring Nollywood Loverboys Bob-Manuel Udokwu and even more boring Emeka Ike to bring us a lot of fake accents throughout the show,the character I just cannot seem to understand is MUMA GEE why in heavens name is she there throughout her interview she kept giving grammatical blunder upon blunder it was even more funny to hear her disastrous accent and worse when she was asked a question she said i do not know how i can stay without my make-up artist sweetheart I didn't even know you had one with all the rouge you keep bathing in please for the sake of good television tone down your fakeness before Suliat and Princess beat you in a hungry daze. The only person that I am gunning for is Weird MC i just want her to win may because i am still pining over Allen Avenue song .... Will you be watching how Obesere and Daddy Showkey try in vain to converse in English with Dare and the other cast...........

Alice owns the Box office

The Tim Burton movie Alice in Wonderland is currently charting the box office an estimated gross of $34.7 million as of Sunday beating out Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Jennifer Aniston and Gerrad Butler's film The Bounty Hunter. have you seen any of these movies

Thisday Style

Thisday style is the Nigeria's answer to Page six only with less gossip and less scandal. Every body and i mean everybody wants to be in this magazine. Every Sunday in Abuja on your way to or from church you would see women looking frantically looking outside the windors for their vendor when the vendor does surface from obscurity they scream Thisday!!!!!! Thisday!!!!!!!! while the poor vendor runs after their car when both parties come to a stop. The woman asks does it have style and if it doesn't have she flings the newspaper furiously back at him as if it is his fault, every thing just goes down hill from there. It seems that Thisday style is the epitome of social standing if you haven't been in it some people just think you have not achieved any social standing at all!!!!!! I had to giggle last week when a friend of mine was crying to me when a picture of her and another friend was tagged and guest she was mortified she was like how can they do this to me I was actually happy for at least she got in I didn't.I really don't understand the obsession with getting in this daily really I'd rather pine for Tatler or Vogue ( big dreams I know) than pine for a magazine that you get in based on.......... Anyway there are some people who like have permanent spaces in these magazines it's like every event they are camped out waiting for the photographers. e.g Nkiru Anumundu( you have to be living under a rock if you do not know this woman) Tutu Wright, Elohor Isihor and various others.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Support a good cause



OMG I am really getting tired of all these antics of these rappers do they think going to prison will give you some street cred. Hell to the NO!!!!!!!! stop going to prison it helps nobody but the crazy paps and your heinous publicist.

Jonathan dissolves House of Parliarment

The streets were ablaze yesterday with news that Jonathan had dissolved the Federal Executive Council without reason. In a statement by Prof Dora Akunyuli " Todsy the Acting President Dr Ebere Goodluck Jonathan has dissolved the Executive Council and from tomorrow The permanent Secretaries will take over the Ministries till a new list is posted to the Senate.
With 48 Ministers running amok one can not help but wonder what happens next?


Gadaffi should stick to leading his own country and stop giving unsolicited advice he told some students at a recent conference that Nigeria should take their cue from India and Pakistan whom have a partition and separate Nigerians.

Garbourey Sidibe

They have been talks, comments and even insults (douche Howard Stern) about The Precious Star, that the girl is too big and she needs to loose weight and she is not healthy and she is a poster child for Obesity. Them people are crazy as hell why are all of you taking Panadol for the girls headache did she ever wake up in the morning and dial you Howard Stern and your daft foolish sidekick who i wish i could see so i could bitch slap her and her useless mouth Robin Quivers and say Hi pls help me with my weight no she did not so why are you all stressing. Howard Stern you need to get a life the 80's are over and they need their hair back stupid hack thinking he will appear on American Idol puhlizz nobody i mean nobody wants to see that amount of ugly up on stage

Genevieve and D'banj

Rumors have been swirling that Genevieve and the Koko Master are apparently dating. I do not even know who I should be sad or happy for because this just spells future sex tape and disaster to me. Genevieve please take a cue from your movies is all i would say


Apparently some Douche took the microphone at a Wallmart store and said "Attention Wallmart Shoppers Will all black customers please leave the store"
Some idiot thought to himself this is very funny. And the idiots at Wall mart say they do not who did and are reviewing tapes.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stop Calling Stop Calling i'm #1 u

Our misses LADY GAGA is #1. Telephone her Smash Collaboration with Beyonce was #1 making Lady GAGA and Beyonce tie for most number 1 hits on the billboard charts but the tie with the relentless Mimi and over take Timberlake, P!nk, Britney and Avril

Jesus run the Insane one is after you

madonna's boy toy Jesus Luz was recently deejaying at the VIP club in Paris with Alicia Keys and her boyfriend Swiss Beats when Lindsay The Insane One Lohan put a call to his people saying she wanted to hang out and Madonna flipped her wrinkles and put a stop to it. Jesus didn't even bat an eyelash over the whole thing. Smart boy don't mess with Mommy or she might smack the model out of yo

Enough is Enough

Nigerian Youths are heading to the National Assembly to stage a peaceful rally at the National Assembly in Abuja today. I am not one for rallies but i support their actions totally. Finally the Youths in Nigeria have a voice, finally people will hear what we have to say about the so called adults have been behaving and ruining our great country.
I just hope it does not turn out to be unfavorable for the parties involved.

Hilarious words that people should say more

I read an article on a website about some words that were edited out of Jane Lynch's part in Glee. They shouldn't have, I love these words though some of my friends will be rolling their eyes when they see these these words thinking to themselves why won't he like them evil Human being. My dark Humor is the the one part of me i am proud of.
Before I stray off topic, these are the words.
Shut your mouth before I rape it
I will kick you square in the Vagina(love this one said it to Timi this morning)
Rachel is wearing floor length denim skirts that make her look like she escaped from a polygamist compound.
I love them then these are words i say to my friends when we are bored
What's the T bitch( say it to your friends everyday and it will be like a mantra)
Mmmmm Hmmm Honey B
You've been a very bad girl GAGA (or in my case Timi or Yusuf minus the girl part and with less enthusiasm and sexual innuendo)
I knew you would take all my Honey you selfish mother f#######r to akin as he always steals my food selfish heffer.
Anyway I am off to Lunch at some fab Bukkateria called Mama Illorin. Catch ya am si so in 20 mirites

Pete Doherty 3rd Most Stylish Man in the world by GQ

That is the 3rd most stylish man!!!!!!! Yes i will give you time to throw up for some time.
Seriously I am highly disgusted at the choices this people make was Pharrel sleeping when this choice were was Ozwald Boateng or Ryan Reynolds or Diddy. The chose this sewer rat that looks like he blew past a Weed shop and rumbled through a garbage can for clothes to any event he can scrape an invite to as far as I am concerned the only reason this La Douche is even popular is because he dated Kate Moss and has a seemingly year long love affair with drugs and an affair with his mistress Rehab. GQ you need to get new writers your old ones watch too many pubescent movies because why would anyone think the Sallow skinned R-Patz is second and Johnny Depp first, I can see some little reason for Depp but Doherty I feel like i should roll in the sewer with my clothes just to get on their stupid list.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sold To the highest bidder and he is your rival

Tommy Hilfiger sold his label label for a whopping $3 billion dollars to the owner of his rival Calvin Klein Philip Van-Heusen whom also owns BSBG Max Azria and Michael Kors

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Watch and Learn Rihanna

When it comes to to shock performances and dress sense the person that comes to my mind is Grace Jones before I even think of Gaga or Rihanna.
She recently performed at the 5 year anniversary of the Victor and Rolf fashion show

Somewere in London Karl is screaming blasphemy

I saw this picture from an old magazine cover of Beth Ditto of The Gossip on the cover of Love Magazine and I had to post it. I am all for full figured women embracing their curves but this is just ridiculous. Somewhere Karl Lagerfeld and HBIC of Vogue are crying blasphemy and plottin a coup to dethrone all fat people. Well it aint happening we rule.
P.S this picture is ugh

O Karl run from the Insane one she is a hasbeen

La Loca or Lindsay Whats her Face was seen in the picture above with Karl Lagerfeld. I know Karl hate full figured people at his show as it makes all that armoury on his sallow skin melt but please you could have done better than the has been standing beside you at her young age she is already a hack in Hollywood she needs to die her head read go back to rehab stop smoking and get a restraining order against her attention seeking whore parents

I'm a freak bitch BABY

I can't stop gabbing about the telephone video it makes me dance along everytime. The Cheesy dialogue even had me loving it screw what people say the era of the video is back. Beyonce's line I knew you would steal all my honey you selfish Mother f#####r was priceless here are some GAGA picture to hold on to before you watch the video.

Down with the Skinny Bitches

Like I said before Paris fashion week has received an onslaught of curvier models at fashion shows. To me this is the best thing to happen to fashion since Lady Gaga's razor blade glasses basically you cannot say you design clothes for women or real women when your models look like they are about to die. Any way at the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show the Victoria Secret Angels strutted their stuff to prove that curves look better in high fashion than bones. To make matters worse my ex fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld of the House of Chanel said nobody wants to see clothes on round women Bollocks i say to the old crone bollocks !!!!!!!!!!!! once again nobody wants to see skinny pants on any old person but you disgrace your age and keep making our prcious eyes bleed with your armoury and your sexless pout. P.S take off your sunglasses skinny woodchuck its night and you ain't a star. Elle McPherson who is 46 also modeled at the event

Friday, March 12, 2010

I love you GAGA

Telephone video came out yesterday and yes it lived up to its hype. O the video was amazing i screamed and screamed in joy. These are some pictures from the video so when i have the video i'll upload it

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ke$ha is probably the only musician i want to strangle. My friends ask me every time what she did to me and i say nothing but I can't understand her desperation to be noticed. Every thing about her screams sewer crap made too look trashier. Ke$ha is a mix of Britney circa Oops I did it again, Christina in her Xtina days and GAGA in her Just dance days mix that together and throw it in sewer and a trash can and out comes Ke$ha ready to show you her love box. when Ke$ha started disturbing the world with her incredibly foolish lyrics I thought what the hell is this dirty girl talking about brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack. All I ask is please do not dance with no pants imagine the dirt that could fly from your lady bits please there are children who don't want to be affected by your germs and yes we do not care what your middle name is sewer girl go take a bath and then we might take you seriously.

Christina the Clock is ticking

We have heard nothing from Christina Aguilera since her Gretast hits album came out. I've heard she wants to take time out to produce her album Bionic. A little advice miss Xtina don't hold out on us for too long because a little birdy told us that Brit Brit and our beloved Gaga are working on new stuff in RIRI is rumored to be working on new stuff so holding out would be a total disaster as people would prefer to listen to Miss GaGa than hear you shatter glass with your high pitch. Get it popping Xtina before your vocal cords dry out and there's still a little dirty in all of us.

The AMAA awards

The answer to Nigeria's Oscar's has released it's list of nominees and as usual it is crap. What ever happened to Genevieve's performance in Silent Scandal, forget her performance for a second the movie itself didn't get recognized only that Chelsea chick got recognized and she didn't even get as much screen time as Genevieve at least she wouldn't have to bore herself at the event as the event is always a snoozefest for anyone who dares turn up. I agree with choice of Funlola Aoofiyebi-Raimi her performance in Figurine was amazing but please what the hell with this Nnenda film as in I have never even heard of half of the Nigerian films that were there. That Fiberesima woman needs to look at her list again and get her facts straight. There were better movies made in the past year that were not nominated. Plus like I said before the AMAA's are usually a snooze fest please try and get some interesting people to perform, Asa is still alive please call her for the sake of sanity or call Ibiyemi or Lami anyone other than than usually bland performers you usually bring. Before I end I'd like to say enough with the long speeches at the beginning last year Fiberesima's speech and the Governor's speech took so long I made noodles and fried plantain and they were still on after I had finished eating. Below are a list of the nominees.
1. Wanba Ngoma (Tanzania)
2. Peace Wanted Alive (Kenya)
3. Bariga Boys(Nigeria)
4. En quette d’identite (Burkina Faso)
5. Innovating for Africa (Nigeria)

1. Mahala – (Mozambique)
2. The Abbys Boys –(South Africa)
3. The Painter – (Uganda)
4. Suara La – (Nigeria)
5. The Camera (Nigeria)

1. Hanayns Shoe (Egypt)
2. Adventure of Alayo (Nigeria)
3. Zoodo – (Burkina Faso)
4. Lyrics – (Algeria)
5. One Step of Love (Algeria)

1. Soul Diaspora
2. Okra Principle
3. China Wahala
4. Crunch

1. Omo Iya Kan – (Nigeria)
2. Aldeweden – (Ethiopia)
3. Togetherness Supreme – (Kenya)
4. Imani – (Uganda)
5. Game of my life – (South Africa)

1. Nnenda by Izu Ojukwu
2. Freedom in Chain by Bond Emeruwa and Fred Amata
3. The Child by Izu Ojukwu
4. Figurine by Kunle Afolayan
5. High Blood Pressure by Teco Benson

1. The Tenant
2. Season of a life
3. Perfect Picture
4. I sing of a well
5. Soul Diaspora

1. Season of a life
2. The Child
3. Perfect Picture
4. Heart of Men
5. Lilies of the Ghetto

1. I sing of a well
2. Fulani
3. The Child
4. Figurine
5. Imani

1. Heart of Men
2. The Child
3. The King is Mine
4. I sing of a well
5. Fulani

1. Perfect Picture
2. Prince’s bride
3. The Child
4. I sing of a well
5. Lilies of the Ghetto

1. The Child
2. Figurine
3. A sting in a tale
4. Fulani
5. Heart of Men

1. Seasons of a life
2. Imani
3. A sting in a tale
4. The Child
5. Figurine

1. Teddy Onyago and Bill Oloo- Togetherness Supreme
2. Tobi Oboli – The Figurine
3. Feyisola Ewulomi – Champions of our Time
4. Treasure Obasi – Champions of our Time
5. Mfanafuthi Magudulela – Game of my life

1. Martha Kisaka – Togetherness Supreme
2. Chelsea Eze – Silent Scandal
3. Martha Ankomah – Sins of the Soul
4. Ashionye Michelle Ugboh- Jungle Ride
5. Rahema Nanfuka – Imani

1. Wilson Maina – Togetherness Supreme (Kenya)
2. Wale Ojo – The Child (Nigeria)
3. John Dumelo – Heart of men (Ghana)
4. Pethro Tumba Mbole – A game of my life (South Africa)
5. Sunny Chikezie – Lilies of the Ghetto (Nigeria)

1. Godwin Kotey- I sing of a well
2. Francis Duru – Nnenda
3. Yemi Blaq – High Blood Pressure
4. Adjetey Anang – The Perfect Picture

1. Doris Sakitey – A sting in a Tale
2. Funlola Aoifeyebi-Raimi – Figurine
3. Tapiwa Gwaza – Seasons of a life
4. Yvonne Nelson – Heart of Men

1. Bimbo Akintola- Freedom in Chains
2. Jackie Apia, Lydia Forson and Naa Ashokor, Mensa-Doku – The Perfect Picture
3. Stephanie Okereke- Nnenda
4. Flora Suya – Season of a life
5. Akofa Edjeani Asiedu – I sing of a well

1. Lucky Ejim – The Tenant
2. Majid Michael – Sin of a soul
3. Ramsey Noah – The Figurine
4. Odera Ozoka – Soul Diaspora
5. John Osie Tutu Agyeman – I Sing of a well

1. Season of a life
2. The Tenant
3. Freedom In chains
4. Guilty Pleasures
5. I sing of a well

1. The Perfect Picture
2. Figurine
3. I sing of a well
4. The Child
5. The Tenant

1. Seasons of a life (Malawi)
2. The tenant (Nigeria)
3. The Perfect Picture (Ghana)
4. The Figurine (Nigeria)
5. I sing of a well (Ghana)

1. Shemu Joyah- Seasons of a life
2. Shirley Frimpong-Manso- The Perfect Picture
3. Kunle Afolayan – Figurine
4. Leila Jewel Djansi – I sing of a well
5. Jude Idada and Lucky Ejim – The Tenant

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fashion at the Oscars

SJP why did you have to this to me you are truly my style icon and you had to go wear a Chanel nightdress all in because it had the name couture attached to it. Thank God somebody must have smacked Tina Fey because for the first time at a red carpet this year i didn't feel like rhyming when i saw her, she tries but her hair dresser should be drowned.
Carey Mulligan's dress was a bit too much for me loved the fact she took a risk with the dress but all those embellishments were a bit too much for me. Cameron Diaz and Elizabeth Banks did it for me I saw the two of them and i knew the Oscar's were going to be good their outfits made their fairy-god mothers weep in joy, the former was dressed in Oscar de la Renta while the latter was dressed in Versace