Friday, May 28, 2010

From Ankara with Love

Ankara is very hot on the fashion scene with designers like Lisa Folawiyo and Ituen Basi spicing it up so it would be fun to wear again. Ankara is no more that material Mummy or Grandma gives you that you look at in disdain and throw to the maid, it is know a staple for fashionistas home and abroad with Hollywood celebrities like Beyonce, Fergie and Solahnge Knowles each sporting some very sexy ankara designs.
The key to getting the look right is not to over do it take your ankara ensemble pair it with some Ituen Basi bangles or not and if you are in the mood for some stares throw on the shoes above ( i think they are by Prada) or the Fendi ones and you are good to go.

Laid back Rocker Chic

Do you want to make a statement without making too much noise well we have the 3 key pieces that will give the inner rebel in you that Laid-back loud style you've always wanted.
The Stella McCartney over-sized coat and a pair of leggings or if you are truly adventurous a pair of Laquann Smith leggings with a pair of Prada slingbacks or shoe boots like the one pictured above which is by Gucci.

Achieve the look

The Key to achieving a look like the one Rihanna is rocking is pairing pieces that are in some way different to the actual piece but stay true to the look you wanted in the first place. So we got a few pieces together that will make you achieve that look.
We have a fitted Balmain Jacket, Brian Atwood Purple Suede Pumps for that Va Va Voom feel and a pop of color or my favorite the Red Christian Louboutin and for the bottom half: I'm not so keen on the skirt Rihanna wore so I'll suggest leather leggings and red hot lipstick and trust me no matter the competition there the boys will be drooling Chatters honor

Relationships and The shit It does to your mind by Taylor

In relationships I am the passive type usually once I've asked you to be with me I usually leave the rest to you. I'm a romantic at heart I'll call you just to say I miss you, text you when you are tired, try and make you laugh at moments when nobody can I usually do this for someone I really like as in I really like that person too much to waste my precious units to do all this. Now Love is an idea I do not even consider cause I consider it too be a fucked up word people just tell each other to make themselves feel happy, when some of my exes even say I love you, I either change the subject quickly,laugh it off or say me too and this usually works. my last relationship was quite shitty, It started with lies and ended with neither of us even having the guts to say it was over so I developed a new motto I got from a song that I love "On to the next one" and so I moved on to my next relationship and this person was so amazing, we thought on the same wave length, very intelligent, we loved the same music and the person was into monogamy which was a plus being that for the mean time we were going to be in two different states we call each other like five times a day the thought of cheating didn't even cross either of our minds or so I thought, for some reason she came to Abuja for a short trip and she avoided being in the same room with me I thought it was just me cuz I know she is a touchy feely kinda girl and so I just brushed it off and then after she had gone back home I asked her to tell me the truth about what happened when we were in Abuja and then it came out about the cheating.I was shocked I couldn't even talk, for the first time in my life I almost cried because of a relationship, I almost shed a tear but before it came out my infamous cold heart started working and my face turned to stone and I cut the phone to stop more hurt. The truth is I felt that maybe it was my fault maybe i should have lost weight, I should have done this or that.
I don't cry ever neither do I expose my emotions so this is probably the last time I'll write about my personal life. As I'm blogging now I'm also listening to the H.A.T.E.U by Mariah Carey while by Bestie has gone out to get me the best things to get over a broken heart: Crunchie Chocolate, Ben &Jerry's, Microwave popcorn, and after I eat my heart out I'm going sleep with Nina Simone playing on my stereo. Thanks for Breaking my heart dunno if we are getting back together let me pick the pieces of my stone.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kendra gets paid big$$$$ for her sex tape

This is to all the people who have sex tapes yes you that girl in that popular bathroom video if you want to do a sex tape make sure you get paid big bucks for it like Kendra Wilkinson who is getting paid a whopping $ 680,000 for her sex tape.
Kendra will receive 50% of the profits from her videos and Vivid is ready to add sequels to the Kendra Exposed series.

Vivid is reporting that the XXX tape has the highest pre-sale numbers of any celebrity tape the company has distributed. And that includes Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.
Listen children apparently filming yourself riding a pony will bring in big bucks

Tiger Woods Ex-Wife wants big $$$$$$$$$$$

Elin Nordegren also known as the scorned woman from the movie The many ho's of Tiger Woods aka his wife wants $750 million as well as full custody of the children we doubt if Tiger woods will agree but giving his long list of ho's he probably should shut his pie-hole and pay the $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Britney is the Queen of TWITTER

In your face Ashton The leader of the ring is the queen and sooner or later we will in our dreams we see Britney and Ashton looking at us screaming why and who the hell are you while Courtney Love cries that nobody is paying attention to her deranged tweets.

Monday, May 24, 2010


As a child, when I was reading my Mother would tell her friends look at my little writer when he grows up he will be the Wole Soyinka of his generation and I would look up and smile and she would pat my head. Last week while we were having one of our once in a month breakfast at The Hilton and I was stuffing my face with as muck bacon I could take she said to me in her best nonchalant voice when are you going to start writing heh!!!!!!!!! is it until your eyese are weary and your mind dry that you will pen your first novel? I answered I am trying but it takes time to come up with a good idea and an equally good story

WTF Moments

Everyday they are pictures you see and and you yell at your screen WTF and as many of my friends will tell you I scream that word every 5 seconds. In the pictures you have the Self-Proclaimed Original Shock Diva and Gaga Hater Grace Jones wore the most awful dress with a disgusting train and yes she rocked a Gaga mask and she says Gaga copied her get over yourself Grandma you are not relevant, Next up is Lea Michelle of the Glee fame in and awful dress and a fringe with Amy Winehouse hair, decide on one darling cuz Amy Winehouse and fringe don't just mix.
Next up are the men: Jamie Foxx apparently sent a memo to every man saying Straight Jackets are in Bitches so go and get yours and yet nobody still got it.Then Adrien Brody rocked brown leather and a Lady Gaga T-Shirt why pair of Head Monster a tribute then insult her with that awful leather get-up.

Mr Endowed

As I write this post I am listening to the new single by D'banj Mr Endowed, I first heard it last night courtesy notjustok but I was in and out of sleep which was already says much about the song,the lyrics for the song as usual are not as imaginative as one would wish from the "Endowed One" but Don Jazzy as usual delivers on the beat employing that dub step that makes you want to throw your hands of the steering wheel while you are driving, while some will definitely be averse to listening to the song it will like most songs from the Mo hits stable grow on us and have you humming in the clubs and in your car. Head over to to listen to the song

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kanye and Amber Rose r in splitsville

The blogosphere has been amok with news that Amber Rose signed a 7 figure deal to keep her trap shut about her relationship with Kanye. What we want to know is what does Kanyevil have to hide and when will he release a new album.

Alicia Keys deff has a baby bump or.................

She is either pregnant, just fat or that dress is mightily fugly

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The most Fierce Magazine cover of all time

I nearly shat myself when I saw this magazine cover, as in I have never been more impressed, though there were some parts of the cover that had question mark signs popping on my head. The overall execution was amazing. I just wished they would have kicked Ini Edo off and put in Stephanie, Omotola or even Nse Ikpe Etim(I know she's a bit new but think of the pouting and sexy she would have brought to the cover) The magazine covers 4 women that have conquered the Nollywood scene. Rita didn't bring it though Genevieve and Kate FIEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRCCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daily Fabness

The Angels take over the magazine covers

The Victoria Secret Angels have been raging the magazine covers recently with Miranda Ker on the cover of GQ, Alesandra Ambrossio on the cover of Vogue Nippon and Adrianna Lima on Spanish Vogue. Love the covers but were the hell is Selita Ebanks she had better not retire early we miss her already

The new Eclipse Posters

The first poster features the entire Cullen Family with Kellan Lutz sporting an awful haircut and the rest of the Cullen's looking overly photo-shopped. The next is from some other guy in the movie probably either from The Volturi or one of the newly turned Vampires turned by Victoria.

Tyra for Alexander McQueen

the fashion world has been buzzing since Tyra recently signed back with her old agency IMG models and to celebrate her comeback she paid homage to one of the greatest fashion minds of all time Alexander McQueen, the shoot features the King of Dreckitude Andre Leon Talley.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ke$ha vs The Simpsons

If the simpsons had done this song I probably I liked it


I don't blog often and the reason is that over the last few weeks I've been in a lurch as to were my life is going. I'm confused as to if I want to pursue the fashion thing or become a stylist or pursue a career in entertainment PR. I always wanted to be a writer when I was young but every article I write seems to be rejected and yet some people keep telling me they love my blog, so why don't i get the notice I think I deserve. Anyway venting over TTyl

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

happy Birthday Grace Jones

Grace Jone's birthday is today. Happy Bday Grand Ma

Really Zizi Cardow is 10

Yes i am as shocked as you are to find out that Zizi Cardow's fashion line is 10 who has been buying her clothes for that long and why hasn't she gone broke with critics always bashing her clothes anyway the party was supposed to be bubbling until Muma gee arrived in what she thought was a dress with her humongous legs on show we get it already you are trying to be young and it's not working. Omotola was there looking svelte props too her the rest of the people don't know were you guys were doing there especially that guy in the knock off Vuitton Purse I mean what sane man carries a purse like that and then wears that thing he thought was fashionable on his feet, sweetheart Denrele and Dayo Ephraim called they want their clothes back. I dunno what this Ugonna girl does for a living besides show everybody that she has a blackberry attend parties and claim she is a designer I haven't seen your collection on anybody besides you darling Host your fashion show BB so we will be happy we will BB message how we felt. Before I forget Glory Chukwu was here trust her A list event you won't appear but D list event you will drag your boring self to stank up the red carpet abeg please hand over your crown to someone more interesting

Tyrannosorous Rex might become a model again.

Remember those days when you would watching Victoria Secret's fashion Show and then boom Tyra Banks would jump out from backstage whooping and prancing down the runway with her girls jumping up and down in happiness threatening to overflow from her VS bra while Diddy and Pharrel watched in amazement and we watched in horror. While we thought the boobie show was over well she might be back as she has signed back with her agency IMG Models. Well I look forward too her screaming down the runway and all that weave on one show

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Are the new Miss America Pictures too steamy

Somewere that Bigot bitch is steaming as to why The Donald didn't allow her do this. Sorry Bigot we've seen ur solo tape not much happening there. Anyway the 51 contestants of Miss America have posed for lingerie, reason?????!!!!!! beats me but seriously Miss Nigeria take note do something sexy or revolutionary next time. I am tired of the same boring show every time and I hope Glory Chukwu is out that girl was seriously bringing the dryness to the crown

Christina's Woo Hoo ( song) and nude magazine cover

A new single supposedly of Christina's yet to be released album Bionic called Woo Hoo has leaked to the internet and I mst say despite the negativity from some idiots the song is amazing I love the Woo Hoo ad lib that keeps repeating in the back and then Nicki Minaj makes the track even more amazing.
I other Christina news she is on the cover of Russian GQ naked except for diamond-studded Gaspar gloves and thigh-high Christian Louboutin boots with her hand crossed over her boobs and her woo hoo covered