Tuesday, August 3, 2010

That was last year this is now

People have unrealistic expectations of who they want me to be and I have decided to screw conformity in the ass and be me. I am fat, talk like I have hot yam in my mouth, my head is kinda big and i kinda talk and walk like Im the ish (I am sort of). I was never the finest boy in class, never hit the Top 10 sef or even Top 20, I was considered a doormat and then I decided to change all that and then all of a sudden I was considered nasty,bitchy, a snob, proud and yes a DIVA. Did I care Hell to the no I went on with my life and then she came in like a breath of fresh air made me laugh when I didn't want to, made me text endlessly till my thumbs ached and then dumped me, I felt bad for the first three days hence the desperate calls, then I met new friends who gave it to me straight it's either you move on and live or you stay pining in boredom so of I am with a new lease on life and a new pack of friends and a new pay-off Screw Conformity Anarchy is in

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