Friday, August 20, 2010

The Rosewood Movement by Kanye West

if you are like me and have been wondering why Kanye's posse ( yes even the big-headed kanye has a posse to make his head seem even bigger) have decking out in designer suits of late well we have the answer and it's called The Rosewood Movement started by Kanye which means wearing finely tailored suits at all hours. According to him it's not just a fashion statement/movement (he is referring to all you shameless pple who copy everything from TV) it's a way of life, good manners, no cursing and for sure calling your mammy at all times.
The suit of choice for kanye's posse is Dior Homme Black Skinny Suit that retail for $2,200 (hot erre season) Former suits of chice were Lanvin and Club Monaco.
As this trend continues be sure to see some foolish people in our Lagos Sun trekking to their friends house in all black sweating and smile as if Kanye will bribe them to join his posse.

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