Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Bored Mind is Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't blogged in ages reason: My lack of a job or any paying gig at all cannot pay for my unhealthy addition for laughing at people on the internet, plus i decided for reason known to me step back and analyze what I was doing with this blog and sort of sharpen up a bit with my writing and all and also the fact that something I posted a while ago ended an already shaky relationship*cue the waterworks* While I've been away sleeping, gaining weight, laughing at shabby people dressed on the street, bitch-slapping a friend of mine whose lies will make prisoners blush a lot has happened so I'm gonna take my time and give u the low down on what I think.
Plus I totally love the picture I uploaded with this note some girls actually think that its time for marriage with this picture

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