Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Commenting or just plain hating

Im one of those people that prefer to read comments or critics views on everything from movies to songs to even articles and wedding pictures. Trust me you haven't read a review until you have read one done by Nigerians, I saw a comment this morning on a site that told a certain Nigerian artiste to hire a stylist because she looks like she wants to scare the birds from the cornfield and I just thought why???? Some pretty decent songs are dissed to the extent you dont even bother streaming the songs again, fashion shoots are degrade that the designer will pack her trolley and disappear for shame at her apparent lack of talent.
Its terrible because at times real talent is overlooked for tacky pple that have obviosly paid someone in the website and her friends to come and hype her 10Naira looking clothes or a rapper's less than stellar offerings.

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