Saturday, July 23, 2011

Majela is back

This woman needs to be sprayed with Holy water and then they should roll her in a container of olive oil. The woman is cray cray but I swear listening to her foolishness just makes my day, sometimes I stop work and read her TL and laff like a lovestruck hooker, yesterday i read her tweet about using an umbrella to cover her vadge and I fell of my chair at work.
The Queen of pussy scratching and Penis Pleasing even has songs on Itunes, The power house that she is just won't quit U know why she is too Legit to quit. She has churned out new singles that describe her turn to the dark side and her love for penis and itchy vaginas. Please watch the Edge of Vagina Song its just too amazing to handle. My whole family is literally in fits after watching this video
The 1+1 song is just pure genius.I'm impressed by the way Majela changes her style and manages to break into new genres so easily, sign of a true genius.
At the end of the day We remain #teammajela, #teampromiscuous
Is it just me or have the beats gotten better

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