Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chatter Playlist: What we are Listening to

Kelly Rowland's LayIt On Me, Motivation and suprisingly Commander have been playing on my itunes on and one. I've always been a Kelly Rowland fan so these songs just give me a natural high I can't get from som random song.
SuperHeavy- Miracle Worker is truly a work of art and listening to Joss Stone and Damien Marley together is pure magic
The Weeknd is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! *drops mic*
Ms Lovato definitely stole my heart with Skyscraper. I usually have a natural distaste for anyone from Disney but when I heard Skyscraper I fell in love.
*picks dance shoes* Love me baby treat me right!!!! Pure FIRE!!!!
Sorry for the Cray Cray Picture. the picture just made laugh like a fool. If you haven't copped her $ album you must be sleeping with an anal douchre cuz this shiz is the bizness.

VV Brown is the bizness like when i heard this song Afolabi and I kept singing like fools

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