Monday, September 24, 2012

Nicole Richie in Dujour Magazine

Socialite, Mum and Fashion Mogul Nicole Richie is on the cover of Dujour Magazine were she talks about raising her kids and her role as a Mentor on Fashion Star. An excerpt from the interview below
On the rainy Private Benjamin movie (80's flick starring Goldie Hawn) inspired shoot in L.A.:

“It’s hilarious. I’m a huge fan of Goldie. But besides that, I gravitated toward the movie because you see her character faced with challenges—she has a choice to go back to what she’s comfortable in or face new challenges. So that concept kind of speaks to me.”

On juggling the job of mentor on "Fashion Star," 2 kids, and developing several fashion lines
“It’s an interesting time right now, because women aren’t doing just one thing.  We’re wearing many hats, taking on different roles. That’s just how the modern American woman is today.”
On what sparked her interest in fashion
“When I was little, the woman who made my dad’s tour costumes would make me a matching figure-skating outfit out of the excess fabric.  I would always tell her exactly what I wanted. I was obsessed with Shirley Temple, so the shoulders were puffed, the skirt was out. It was just very, very girly.  That whole world was exciting to me. It became this process of something that I knew how to do.”
On why she chooses to raise her kids very traditionally and differently than her upbringing
“One of the biggest differences in the way I’m raising my kids versus the way I was raised is that I was on tour a lot. I don’t really do that with my kids.  It’s important to me that they have stability. I like them to be home....I was taken out of school, and had tutors. By the time my father went onstage, I was asleep.  There’s no right or wrong way to raise a family...Look, I don’t know anyone who can say they don’t just try and do the best that they can do.”
On surviving the constantly evolving fashion industry
“Every season, I have pieces that I’m passionate about but for whatever reason the stores don’t want them. You have to get used to it, show them another season. You have to let them go....Always be open to criticism. Criticism is the best thing you can ever get because it’s someone’s honest opinion—you need to hear it. What’s the point of hearing how great you are all the time?”

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