Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Always Doing the most with the Very Least

I'm part of the Not many fucks to give Movement I mean I spent 95 percent of my life trying to impress my parents, teachers, uncles and the fucked up cool kids I went to High school with, so know when i see anything I just side eye the issue, roll my eyes and move on. But since I came to this Aberdeen for my Msc I have rolled my eyes so much i feel I might go blind very soon. The people here especially the Nigerians are Champions of doing the most with the very least. I mean at our first induction or whatever it was called I mean i was too bored to even pay attention to what the overly happy oyibo woman called the program and BOOM!!!! a Nigerian just popped into class with a jacket that looked like the body of that michelin logo person and it was covered in fur I was like -_-  I thought i was shocked then a lady walked in in with the worst accent known to man I mean when she opened her mouth o_____________o WTF am I a nollywood movie. Let me even digress when i was strolling yesterday someone just walked up to me and said hello are you a Nigerian, you must be a Nigerian what tribe are you, what street do you live on? I'm all for making friends with my fellow Nigerians but for the LOVE of all things pure Let this orobo breath. The stories I have are way to many for me to even put down

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