Friday, February 4, 2011

Adele 21

I'm a big fan of Adele and when I heard she was recording again. I was in fits of happeiness and then the unthinkable happened I heard Duffy's new album which was an absolute snorefest and I started getting skeptical about the whole thing. The reason being not being that they both live across the pond but that they both came out almost the same time with the same style of music. Then I heard Rolling in The Deep and my faith in her was renewed.
The 11 track album was written byRick Rubin, Paul Epworth, Jim Abbiss, Fraser T Smith, Ryan Tedder and Dan Wilson.

My fave tracks on the Album are as follows
The Ryan Tedder penned track Rumor Has It, channels old school rock and roll style of music, from her smugly telling her ex shes leaving him for someone else and being the best thing that happened to him. The song has a sassy footing but he way it changes in the middle makes you think your playlist is misbehaving but in a good way.

Set Fire to the Rain is my next fave track. and then He Won't Go" where some real R&B crops up that lets Adele really explore that terrain. The song sounds like something Alicia Keys would either have done or would beat Beyonce to record.

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