Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Official Bored Mind Playlist

1. Rihanna: Skin and S&M. Yep probably the most Sexual songs on the Loud Album but something about these two tracks just trip me every time. The Lyrics to the tune everything is just pure fire.
2. Her Minajesty as I stored it on my playlist is probably one of my favourite artists of the decade. I constantly have Romans Revenge, Super Bass, Did it One Em and Moment 4 Life on repeat
3. Omawunmi's voice transcends all normalcy to me nobody is supposed to sound this good while singing in pidgin but somehow Omawunmi seems to pull it off.
4. Jessie J is probably Britain's hottest export right about now from Do it Like a Dude to Prise Tag. The fact that this song actually has meaning and doesn't trail off like most pop songs i listen renewed my love for this artist. Hope to hear more stuff from her soon.

5. I'm not just listening to one track from this artist but the whole album. The album is on fire as far as im concerned and I play it constantly and I have to thank my friend Thelma for buying for me

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