Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I hardly have patience for things these days and a lot of things have me pulling my coco waves at what to do with these things or people so I decided to write a list and just let bygones be bygones.
1. I am utterly confused by people that lie endlessly about money they don't have and money they will never have.
2. I hate that when i'm in a hurry every thing seems to be in slow motion, its like every non-living thing in my room made a pact to piss me off.
3. I hate that people consistently ask me if i am comfortable being fat. Me that I am carrying the fat I have not complained once so why are u sniffing crack for me.
4. People who insult me behind my back and later shine their disgusting teeth at me. I see you haters and when the paper does pile up imma be smiling at the bank while you sit hatin yourselves.
5. People that were sunglasses at night or inside. Are u blind? If u answer is no then u r the prima donna of fools in the world. Is anybody pursuing u or do u think u r now a star in need of paprazzi. Please park in one corner that deserves your madness let us see well.
6. Ignorant people amaze me.
7. People who thhink they are the best thing since sliced bread amaze me.

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