Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My friends are like the most important people to me because first of all they put up with my mood swings, my banter and they definitely just keep me grounded and when I have a problem or I'm just looking for someone to insult they are always there.
K.C is probably one of the people that reads this blog almost everyday so I can't help but give him a shout out here. plus this his picture sef nawa he must sha find wife from here by fire by force
Ayo Adams is well Ayo Adams the biggest noise maker in my life and always means well
Now This girl above is one of my favorite people in the entire world to gist with, something new and interesting is always happening with her and they ain't no dull moment with Miss Laezi F Baby, Crazy fun and definitely one of the best dressed girls i know
I call them my Boredom police, they came to Abuja to save me from boredom once the cow below left me to suffer. Ha the mischief we get to in Abuja is mad,but when it's time to brainstorm they are my go to guys
TIMI is my best friend down in the whole wide world like he really understands me down with a T. We talk almost everyday and half the time I'm pissed about something and he has gist about someone we know and it all goes down hill
The only reason I still blog is because of this guy right here he constantly tweets new ideas to me and forces his friends to visit my blog,anything I do Mr John is there a 100% to support me. The very first fashion show I did he made sure the publicity in Uni was crazy and made sure I had pictures, he got me my very first fashion magazine job interview, he is a cool guy and a snazzy dresser. he will be the first feature of a series we are starting on the blog watch out for it
Tope is just the sweetest girl in the world and I miss her dearly, she makes the best jollof rice and goat meat I have tasted in the world and her gist is just untamed and fun. We had mad times during NYSC can't wait for her to get back

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