Friday, March 4, 2011

The Travesty That was Omotola's Grammy Dress

There is only one line I can use to describe the dress Omotola wore to the grammys HORRENDOUS!!!!! First of all I have nothing against her before some daft troll would be all up in bizness saying I'm a hater. From the pervy looking man that is holding her way too close for comfort or the fact that her bra is obvious out for the world to know that she visited Marks and Spencer before attending to her stomach hanging. For the love of all things pure hasn't she heard of spanx or that body toner abi body magic me I no sabi.
As far as I'm concerned this was supposed to be a huge moment in her so called musi career as well as one for Nigerians and she went looking like they were there to hawk second G-strings puh-liz this is just too much to handle. I for one can stare at this picture and keep continuously insulting her management.

Photo Courtsey

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