Sunday, April 10, 2011

T.V Land: The Real L Word

So yesterday I was extremely bored as in one of those moments were u feel like flinging yourself out of the window because of boredom. So I just picked up my keys and headed to the DVD store a.k.a Mr Lanre's kiosk and i was searching for something interesting to watch and I stumbled on The Real L Word a reality show about Lesbians: yes I said Lesbians if you don't like it grab a vibrator and play with yourself while I keep typing. Usually reality tv is nauseating everything seems to have been agreed on before the show even starts so I don't even bother myself to watch again. But this was definitely worth my N2%#. There is this particular LELE that i just love the girl has undeniable sex written all over her i mean if she passed me on the street I would have an instant orgasm (like i said kill yourself if this offends you). The show is definitely not for the shrinking violets or heavy Gbef individuals.

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