Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Met Gala and Beyonce

Before I start blogging about the lovely fashion at the MEt Gala that happened last night, I just want to take a minute to ask Beyonce " Madam did you not get the memo that this is not cookout in your hometown'' This is a high fashion event, ball gowns couture and all and you came for it in an EMilio Pucci gown that is an almost replica of your 2008 Oscar gown with that dirty neckline. Mscheeeewwww!!!!!!!!!!! Then she had the guts to walk out on the photogs abeg madam!!!!!!!!!!! You need to park somewere and reevaluate yourself because your supposed comeback single is No 51 on itunes and you don't have a video yet abi you are waiting for Lady Gaga abi!!! Dey there they wait incase you haven't noticed we have fickle interests and soon very soon other people with rather impressive backsides will takeover

P.S Sack your stylist A.S.A.P

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