Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beyonce' new album details

Forgive me for saying this I'm a die hard fan of Beyonce but it's taking too long for this video to come out. Haba is it until Lady Gaga has released a full video and Rihanna has finished touring for this LOUD!!! album that she will let us see the Run the World Video, its getting a bit frustrating seeing this video teasers.I bet the video is going to be as stimulating as none before but please release it already. The album title is 4 and she had a preview party were some her fans listened to some of her tracks one of them was inspired by Fela Kuti and another was from Boys 2 Men.
Below is the latest in a series of video teasers for #Run The World Girls.
The fashion in this video is so far amazing

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