Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Met Gala

Giselle in Alexander McQueen LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!
Solange's dress is just interesting is all I can say but that hair is just terrible.
Last time I checked Alicia Keys had given birth so this outfit is just questionable
Finally she has dropped her body con dresses for this Vera Wang dress that is totally amazing
Ciara brought her A-Game ha the gown is divine and the cuff on her wrist just completes the ensemble and yes the girls are out to play!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for wonderbras!!!!!!!
Janelle Monae yes we know you luv your tuxes and your attempt at revamping your rather boring style, with heel and that disgusting hat is just a large snore

The MET GALA 2011 was a la amazing!!!!!!!! The fashion was mayjah!!!!!!! a lot more people came for this than last year. If you don't know what the MET Gala is, I'm as confused as you are too all I know is people get dolled up to the nines just to be here and this years edition was in honor of the greatness that was Alexander Mcqueen. My only problem was that I didn't see enough Alexander McQueen pieces on the runway. Some people as usual came there dressed like some mad person chased her from them from a dress shop, and some people came dressed to over impress like Madam Daphne Guiness, I mean the woman got dressed in a Barney's window, Wat more do you want

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