Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finally i found out the person who designed those outfits

For the past two weeks Timi has been disturbing to find out which designer made the ankara outfits in Put in a love song Video. There was some argument in which some retard said it was by Jewel By Lisa and I said to the nit wit do you see any embellishment on that dress, two have you not already seen her collections for the year and did you see that dress any were. Any way the outfits are by a label called Boxing Kitten (reminds of the You tube video doesn't it) and the designer's name is Maya Lake. Any way The video features Beyonce in this figure hugging ensemble that is too die for. I have uploaded picture i got from some site I can't even remember so you see all off boxing Kittens Fabness if there is even a word like that

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