Friday, February 19, 2010

Nigeria's New generation of Music

I never was a fan of Nigerian Music until recently. When I started listening to some musicians who actually had lyrics that made sense and didn't mumble incoherently about being a monk and not flaunting it puh leeeeez!!!!!. I love the new school of Nigerian Music with people like Lami, Eva, Mo'cheddah, Dagrin, Duncan Daniels, Banky W, Naeto C, Dr Sid, Wizkid, Ibiyemi e.t.c These people keep my Ipod burning up day after. These are some songs you should listen to.

1. Thief my Kele, Banky W
2. Lagos party RMX Banky W
3. Eva I dey Play
4. Dr Sid- Winchi Winchi
5. Dagrin -Kondo
6. Ibiyemi- Dont leave me and can you love me
7. Lami- Kaleidoscope, Nuttin Do U and Everytin
8. Omawunmi- Chocolata, Today na Today
9. Mo'cheddah-All i want for Christmas
10. Maye Hunta- Ekaete

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