Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New York Fashion Week: Africa Arise Collection

The Africa Arise Collection Recently showed at New York Fashion Week at the famous Bryant Park. For any designer to show at Bryant Park is a great feat. The Lucky designers that got to show at Arise were Deola Sagoe, Black Coffee and Lion Cloth and Ashes. The show was fabulous but as usual left me wondering which self respecting Nigerian would go through all that heat just for fashion I could come up with some names but seeing as I am new to blogging and I am not being paid to make some people look good (You know who you are) I'll stick to the script. The Deola Sagoe dresses were were a mixture of goth chic, rock star and a little bit of something I cannot quite figure ou. Below are some Pictures from the show. Be amazed Most of the Pictures here are from the Deola Sagoe Collection

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