Friday, February 19, 2010

Ugly Betty

Besides the fact that Betty Suarez has disastrous fashion sense and looks like a Saint Bernard with Braces, I love the show what I can't understand is why it was canceled. They are claiming that it was because the ratings were poor. i say BOLLOCKS !!!! The ratings were poor i think because the time slot for the show. Tell people Studio execs what will happen to my Fairy godmother Wilhelmina Slater, where will i learn that combining floral and stripes can make you have a migraine, were will i find out that it is true what the say about nice people they always get burned are listening Betty Suarez. Tell me were will i get all these useful tips. On the plus side The Kid who plays Justin Mark Indelicto sorry if i got the spelling wrong is going to be interning at Teen Vogue, good for him and recently he revealed he is not a fan of squeaky voice Miley Cyrus really who is a fan of dancing on an stripper inspired ice cream pole and horrible singing. What will happen to the other stars America Ferera, Michael Urie, Becki Newton and Vanessa Williams were will you all go?

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