Friday, February 19, 2010

NYSC and my bowl of contention with talkatives

In case you don't know i ma currently doing my compulsory service thingy for Nigeria and it is not going the way i thought it will. The people NYSC have refused to pay me and the second hand bank the assigned me to had the audacity to be rude to me. I really can't be bothered because it is a waste of one year of my precious life. That being said what is it with people not knowing when too keep quiet. When you choose to be quiet around these talkatives they think you are snubbish or fake. I'm sorry i dont want to discuss my life with everybody i see on the street because you have a crush on somebody does not mean i should balance in his office and start telling him how my day was have a crush on him my dear friend but do nit drag me along and make be nice when you know am soooooo not nice (kidding)

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