Thursday, April 8, 2010

Constance McMillen

I don't consider myself an activist or any rally or protester but people are just plain stupid. In case you do not as most people might not know in Nigeria Constance Mc Millen is a gay teenager that just wanted to go to prom with her girlfriend and her request was denied to make matters worse the dip shit principal canceled the prom, as if that wasn't enough she was invited to a fake prom so the other pussies in her school who couldn't support her cause could have a queer free prom. To me the girl needs to get her fellow gay teens and organise a prom of their own I am sure she will definitely have more fun screw the bigots and homophobes who would have been gawking at her all through the night. People need to get over themselves we are in the 21st Century let people do what they want liberate yourselves. In my opinion all those people need to go to the Fame Monster Ball and Liberate themselves with Lady Gaga and Honey B. And to those dip shits who formed the group Constance quit yer cryin y'all need to get a life and stop hackin at the girl loosers.

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