Monday, April 19, 2010

Mad Men

I recently fell sick so what do sick people who don't go to work do beside sleep do watch series non-stop My current addiction is Mad Men. I am obsessed with John Hamm's character Don Draper's constant cheating, his wife played by January Jones is an obvious basket case, the non stop smoking in the show even by a Pastor/Priest, The show is a period drama set in the 1960s, initially at the fictional Sterling Cooper advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York City, and later at the newly created firm of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.[4] The show centers on Don Draper (Jon Hamm), creative director at Sterling Cooper and a founding partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. I heart this show too much my fave character beside that sniveling Pete Campbell and Peggy Olsen is Joan Holloway played by the delicious Christina Hendricks.
The show is so popular that they even have their own Barbie dolls amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Christina Hendricks was recently picked as the sexiest woman in the world from an online poll.

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