Monday, April 26, 2010

My Playlist

Throughout the weekend I have been listening to the Celebrity Playlist Podcast on ITUNES so i decided to list my favorite songs of all time.
I love jazz a lot which is kind of weird since nobody i know is into jazz I love Nina Simone's Sinnerman and I put a spell on you but the person that introduced me into the whole jazz thing was Amy Winehouse that was when i heard her album Frank and then I listened to the Back to Black album the album made me go back and listen to the all time Jazz and soul musicians. I also like Robin Thicke's Rollacoasta with Estelle and also Shakin it for Daddy with Nicki Minaj, speaking of Nicki Minaj i love all the collaborations she has been doing especially the My Chick Bad song with Ludacris.
I like Lady Gaga too much especially Dance in the Dark from The Fame Monster and Money Honey in The Fame.
I love Grace Jones everytime I listen to her it's like she is talking to me the song of hers on my playlist is Pull up to the Bumper. recently i have been getting into Nigerian Music I am totally into L'ami she is probably one of the strongest musicians I have heard and her lyrics are insane Her song Ere Ife is on my playlist, also Waje's Kolo is another song on my play list.Usher new album Raymond vs Raymond is on my playlist and I cannot decide which song i prefer but they are all amazing.
There are too many other songs

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