Friday, April 30, 2010

Not myself tonight My Ass

I need to be practical and a little biased when commenting about this video I am Pro Xtina and Pro GAGA so Ill support Xtina and later diss her.
not myself tonight video – Everything about this video is sharp, cutting and vibrant–the lighting, the colors, the dancing, etc. Actually, I don’t know that Aguilera’s dancing has ever been more on point than in this moment. If it has, we certainly haven’t seen it that strong since the Dirrty days.
Not Myself Tonight the latest Single from former Dirrty Singer/Baby Jane Christina Aguilera off her upcoming new album Bionic video was released last night on Vevo and as usual we in Nigeria can’t watch it because of some silly copyright infringement anyway the video was apparently set to be a comeback video for the former teen darling but it is nothing of such. People have been commenting for a long time on the similarities between Lady Gaga and Xtina and no matter how Xtina tries to snub the idea it is obvious she stole all of the scenes from Bad Romance and put it in her song from the Carrera glasses to the lingerie dancing to the fire in the back and the eye gesture it al screams GAGA. I got a picture from La Perrezers (Perez Hilton) so look and feel free to comment
Though Some pple say it is more of a homeage to Madonna than to Gaga centering on the Bad Girl days of Madonna
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