Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dissecting the HHWA Nominations

Since the nominations came out there has been drama about the whole shiz. People talking about a conspiracy as to why some people were not nominated and and why some people should not be on the list.
Let me start with Album of the year Undareted was nominated and the reason just skips my mind over and over again why his name was there don't get me wrong i ain't hating but Darey doesn't focus his music on the general music populace how many Nigerians even understand what he is talking about in his over the top videos, minus that fact his songs did not really have that much popularity i thought the judges based their judgment partially on sales and popularity while we are still on that topic Nigeria does not have Neilson Scan so how on earth dos one know how many albums were sold.
Danger was also nominated can't think of a reason for that one so i refuse to comment on the fact that album made me almost destroy the cd drive on my laptop.
On to the next most controversial category
The individual responsible for producing the most acclaimed songs/album in the year under review. His CV for the year includes top notch tracks and production credits no one can fault.
Album/Song Title – “More”, “Love Truly

Album/Song Title – “Strong Ting”, “No Stars”
Artiste(s) – Banky W, Darey Art Alade

Album/Song Title – “Banana”, “U Bad”
Artiste(s) – Wande Coal

Album/Song Title – “Everyday”, “Igboro”
Artiste(s) – Dagrin

Album/Song Title – “Thank God”, “Ako Mi Ti Poju”
Artiste(s) – Dagrin, Naeto C
now the only problem i have was that Jesse Jags was not nominated reason ????????????
next please
If Clarence Peters does not win Best video the show has to be shut down for gross stupidity on their part.

Best Rap Album and Kel was nominated hia!!!!!!!!!!! Ngwanu 9ja there is nithin i will not here that trash is probably he most sleep inducing album of all time abeg help me with this people The Investment by Kel had the most cheesy punchlines ever
Were was Eva the rapper in the next rated category, what about Ice Prince or Wizkid

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