Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Music

Anyone who knows me will probably tell you that the way to relax me is to put on grat music and leave me to myself for 5 minutes. So i'll regale you with some of the new music i have been listening too.
Janelle Monae- I just discovered two seriously good songs from her Tightrope featuring Big Boi from Outcast watched the video very fabulous dance moves. i also listened to Many Moons which was nominated for a grammy very good song.
She has two albums though the second will be released soon Metropolis Suite 1 and the The Arch Android.
I also listened to Fantasia's new single Even Angels that's one of the best ballads i have listened to in a while so go out and listen to it
Lindsay Lohan despite her daft parents and endless love affair with clubbing, drinking and shitty acting (I know who killed me anyone) has a really decent voice I recently listened to a track of her unreleased album Spirit in The Dark Can't Stop Won't Stop pretty decent lyrics and a nice follow up to Bossy which was a great song.
Katy Perry's new track California girls is everything you need in a summer anthem.
Then Kelly Clarkson's Wash Rinse Repeat is my song literally I love that song more than i love Behind hese hazel Eyes

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