Saturday, May 8, 2010

Diary of a frustrated Otondo

Recently (that's a word I use frequently) I realised that this dastardly act started by a well meaning Nigerian has turned into the most frustrating exercise to happen to me.
I was posted or to be posh drafted to Abuja for service, a lot of people would be thinking why is this useless boy complaining I was posted to a bush in my time but sorry to disappoint you this is my time and in my time I don't get posted to the middle of nowhere anyway back on track I thought it was going to be all honky dory until final posting to your primary assignment came out and I was posted to NCC to me that is the most fabulous place to work in I mean all those fabulous people in a well ventilated building could make me happy eternally but noooo!!!!!!! the forces did not like the thought of me having after hours drinks with people whose accents could even out-class the Queen's was a terrible thought to the fates so they decided to coerce withe Daft Punks at NCC to have me! rejected with no were else to go making me have to wear that dreadful uniform and roam the streets of Abuja looking for a job, as if that wasn't painful enough people kept saying "Ajebo corper no cry e go better" this was even worse when i went to offices were people told sorry we don't take OTONDOS i was terribly insulted not at the statement but at the fact that I had become a full fledged Khaki wearing Otondo so my name will be chaging from Chatterfromaboredmind to Otondo Chatter you wan try. anyway till next time this is the Frustrated Corper signing out

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