Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Really Zizi Cardow is 10

Yes i am as shocked as you are to find out that Zizi Cardow's fashion line is 10 who has been buying her clothes for that long and why hasn't she gone broke with critics always bashing her clothes anyway the party was supposed to be bubbling until Muma gee arrived in what she thought was a dress with her humongous legs on show we get it already you are trying to be young and it's not working. Omotola was there looking svelte props too her the rest of the people don't know were you guys were doing there especially that guy in the knock off Vuitton Purse I mean what sane man carries a purse like that and then wears that thing he thought was fashionable on his feet, sweetheart Denrele and Dayo Ephraim called they want their clothes back. I dunno what this Ugonna girl does for a living besides show everybody that she has a blackberry attend parties and claim she is a designer I haven't seen your collection on anybody besides you darling Host your fashion show BB so we will be happy we will BB message how we felt. Before I forget Glory Chukwu was here trust her A list event you won't appear but D list event you will drag your boring self to stank up the red carpet abeg please hand over your crown to someone more interesting

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