Monday, May 24, 2010

WTF Moments

Everyday they are pictures you see and and you yell at your screen WTF and as many of my friends will tell you I scream that word every 5 seconds. In the pictures you have the Self-Proclaimed Original Shock Diva and Gaga Hater Grace Jones wore the most awful dress with a disgusting train and yes she rocked a Gaga mask and she says Gaga copied her get over yourself Grandma you are not relevant, Next up is Lea Michelle of the Glee fame in and awful dress and a fringe with Amy Winehouse hair, decide on one darling cuz Amy Winehouse and fringe don't just mix.
Next up are the men: Jamie Foxx apparently sent a memo to every man saying Straight Jackets are in Bitches so go and get yours and yet nobody still got it.Then Adrien Brody rocked brown leather and a Lady Gaga T-Shirt why pair of Head Monster a tribute then insult her with that awful leather get-up.

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