Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Dilemma with the daft twarts known as the Nigerian Police

Hey you park for there? Oga commot or car we wan search you the policeman says to me. I come down from my cab only to be ruff handled by the smelling human being and then my box is emptied on the streets of Lagos all in the name of looking for yahoo boys. The next thing I know the idiot is reading my text messages to check for the fraudulent emails and mssgs i have been sending to his people at home. Then he had the effontry to ask for the receipt or as he called it the paper wey they take buy your table computer" I grit my teeth in frustration and say I dont have one and he laughs and shines his decaying teeth at me and says how I sure u no steal am I give him a sarcastic look and then he says to me Oga sort me 1000 Naira I no go report you...............

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