Sunday, July 11, 2010

Daily Questions I ask myself

Who me Yes You It couldn't be then who? I was on my own trying to drum p inspiration for my short stories and a screenplay some people begged me to work on with them ( I hope it sees the light of day) when one babe passes by oozing of what my friend Ayo calls Omi to run (Water wen dey smell) she wriggles her ass in her knock off jeans and even worse hand bag and says to me Oga how far na Why you dey sidon for outside like this: I look at her and answer in my must snobbish voice" None of your concern now bugger off" Ha she cries which kin english you dey speak she says to me, you beva jam abi you think say na only your mama fit born you for whitw man freezer abi, me sef I go spread leg born for there no be to fuck abeg commot YEYE Ajebutta. She hisses and continues her wriggling and saunters to assault some other erstwhile customer.

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