Sunday, July 11, 2010

Louis Vuitton 2010 Fall Coll

Not too long ago I showed you the behind the scenes video for the Louis Vuitton Fall Campaign. I just got some pictures and in it features Three Generations of Models and Three Different hair colors all dressed and coiffed in a Betty Draper-ish ensembles in the campaign and employed the use of curvaceous models on the runway . If I must say the clothes look amazing and it must have been a breeze working on this collection as Marc Jacobs looked so calm talking about the collection. If you are a breast man you will definitely have a temperature high when you see a lady in the clothes as the collection draws one's eyes from legs or the usual parts designers pay attention to and focused on the bust.
The collection was a true ode to the Mad Med era with the bouncy Stepford wife ponytails to the very fresh make up to its wasp waists and circle skirts. The collection as always is directed to the sophisticated woman and is not for everyone.

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