Sunday, July 11, 2010

Goldie: Has Something Changed

I remember watching a video once with some girl singing If I dance I go worry dem, thinking to myself who is this one again, the video went on for some time and I was a little bit impressed.
Then I saw the You Know it video courtesy Timi who kept screaming morning and night about how amazing the video was and then I watched and i thought HABA this girl hot gon!!!!!!! the song is definitely impressive and as usual ElDee doesn't disappoint in his delivery. The only Qualms I have with the video was that Vixen girl she looked good and all hair was all fly and she had her character down to a tilt but then I came to her face and thut what the hell happened here. I don't mean to be mean but seriously they should have switched her for Makida Moka who was in the video as well. Anyway I love the video and hope y'all vote for at whatever she gets nominated for.

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