Thursday, July 15, 2010

TV Land: 90210

With every interesting show being canceled it's a wonder the remake of the popular 90's hit show is still going strong maybe it's their use of cliffhangers or the major eye candy they keep casting too keep the show interesting, well unlike the other remake Melrose Place which had the worst acting in TV history but a good storyline 90210 has pretty good actors except Anna Lyn Mccord whose endless pouting can induce three month pregnancy but the definite scene stealer is Jessica Lowndes who play Adrianna a drugged out Child Star and in some scenes Jessica Stroup who plays Bi-Polar Silver. the show is definitely a good on but do i see longevity in it? HELL NO!! I give it one more season even after their gay unveiling fades out the show will dwindle like that crapfest that is Gossip Girl

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